Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Peachymama: Offering Only The Most Fashionable And Functional Breastfeeding Tops

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Most people can’t help but admire and appreciate mums who breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding is indeed highly recommendable and beneficial on so many levels for both babies and mothers.

Though all mums won’t have any problems or won’t feel any hesitation or be conscious about breastfeeding their babies at home, it’s a whole different story when they are out in some public areas such as the mall, the park, coffee shop or restaurant. Nursing mothers may feel conscious and uncomfortable about showing off some skin when they feed their babies. This problem or difficulty can easily be resolved though with some specially designed clothes.

trusted online shop for fashionable nursing clothes

Breastfeeding Tops
Today, there are many nursing tops that are specifically designed with special straps that enable mums to easily, comfortably and conveniently nurse their babies without exposing too much skin. They come in blouses, tank tops or T-shirts. Nursing moms simply need to pull down one of the unnoticeable fasteners of these breastfeeding tops and pull it back up when they are done.

These nursing tops come in great and stylish designs so mothers can also feel fabulous whenever they step out with their babies. Mums can modestly breastfeed their babies anywhere and anytime, without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable or having to cover their kids with some blanket.

reputable online shop for fashionable nursing clothes

Where To Buy Your Nursing Tops

There are several online shops where mums can buy breastfeeding tops. One of these is Peachymama.

Peachymama is an online shop created and managed by Merril Bainbridge. She conceptualized this in 2007 when she was still nursing her daughter and was having a hard time looking for comfy, fashionable and practical breastfeeding clothes. Merril designed a range of nursing tops that fit and flatter your post baby body that has crafty openings that permits you to discreetly feed your baby wherever and whenever you have to.

The line-up of Peachymama’s breastfeeding clothes and tops are not just functional for nursing but they are also all fashionable. Peachymama is all about showcasing clothes with fantastic colours, fabrics and styles. These clothes are also designed to be worn and kept years even after you have stopped nursing your baby.

Peachymama’s Other Products

Aside from breastfeeding tops, there are other types of nursing clothes you can buy from Peachymama’s online shop. These include:

• Nursing dresses
• Pants
• Hospital packs
• Under slips
• Gift cards

To view all the fashionable offerings of Peachymama and start ordering your fashionable and functional nursing clothes, click on

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