Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hino Motors Unlimited: Helping Improve The Transportation Industry

Everyday, individuals move to other places such as their offices, school, malls and even vacation spots. Making use of vehicles is necessary in order for individuals to move from one place to another safely and easily. Apart from personal features, vehicles like trucks have also helped business owners in many ways such as delivering goods and fetching product materials. Therefore, you need to make use of reliable trucks to cater to your needs. Luckily, In UAE, you can find amazing trucks for sale offered by Hino Motors Unlimited.

Hino Motors Unlimited Information

•    Hino Motors Unlimited is a subsidiary of TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION and was founded in 1910 and established as a separate company in 1942.
•    Hino has a rich history in the automotive industry and is the largest manufacturer of trucks and buses in Japan.
•    HML represents the Toyota Group in the global market for trucks and buses.
•    HINO brand trucks and buses total about 100,000 vehicles a year.
•    Al-Futtaim Motors holds exclusive franchises for some of the world's top automobiles and automotive products including Japan's leading truck and bus manufacturer Hino.

The Hino 500 Series

Hino Motors Unlimited features 3 amazing trucks. These trucks provide exceptional features that can help improve your business. As of now, one of the most popular Hino truck is the Hino 500 Series. The Hino 500 Series features 4 different chassis, the FD MDT Chassis, the GD MDT Chassis, FG MDT Chassis and GH MDT Chassis. These chassis vary on GVW or gross vehicle weight from 11 ton, 11.9 ton, 15.2 ton and 17 ton respectively.

Aside from the difference on the chassis, the Hino 500 Series features

•    Spacious Interior with Air-conditioner
•    AM/FM Radio with CD Player
•    Seat Belts
•    4-way Adjustable Seat for Driver
•    Fuel Tank 200 Litres
•    Power steering
•    Speedometer with Odometer, Trip Meter, Tachometer.
•    Sun Visor
•    Dual Intermittent Wipers
•    24 Volt Electric System
•    Halogen Head Lamps
•    Seating Capacity: 3
•    Cigarette Lighter
•    Adjustable Steering Column
•    Pre-fuel Filter & Sedimenter
•    Double Acting Shock Absorbers Semi-elliptic main and auxiliary leaf springs

Why Hino 500 Series stands out from other trucks

1.    The cab style delivers low fuel consumption owing to their strenuous pursuit of aerodynamic performance.
2.    The engine performance and optimized drive train provides a smooth ride that fully utilizes its excellent acceleration and braking performance even during stop-and-go driving in urban areas.
3.    The truck provides nimble footwork for getting around turns and negotiating tight spaces.
4.    Hino Motors Unlimited is the first to employ the common rail fuel injection system, has dramatically reduced fuel consumption, black smoke and engine noise.

To know more about the services Hino, you can visit them at to find the ideal truck for your business.

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