Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Peachymama: The Best Partner For Breastfeeding Clothes

Having a child is a wonderful gift. Yet, there are a lot of tasks you need to accomplish to ensure that your child will grow properly. One of the most essential tasks when taking care for a baby is providing them food through breastfeeding.

Although there are alternatives to breastmilk that are available in the market, experts state that breastmilk is still the best to provide babies with the right nutrients and minerals they need. Not only that, breastmilk alone is filled with antibodies. Hence, even the need for vitamin supplement during the first six months of life is discouraged.

However, there are instances when breastfeeding is impossible or uncomoftable to some mothers, especially in public places. We have seen news where a breastfeeding mother was asked to cover up or leave a certain place just because she was feeding her baby. To help mothers with this dilemma, Peachymama came up with stylish clothes for breastfeeding moms.

What is Peachymama?

Peachymama is a company that designs and sells nursing tops, tank tops and breastfeeding dresses that fit so well. It is located in Melbourne, Australia. Peachymama began as an idea in 2007 when Merril Bainbridge was nursing her baby daughter. The idea came to make breastfeeding clothes more comfortable.

Products of Peachymama

As of now, Peachymama offers a wide variety of breastfeeding clothes that can suit your style and preferences. Listed below are the following.

Tops, Tank tops, T-shirts

These products provide unique styles and designs that can cater to your style. You can even use these tops wherever you go since these tops can complement any style or wardrobe.


These dresses are created from the best fabric available. In addition, Peachymama also creates appealing and colourful designs to make their dresses more attractive and fashionable.


The high waist band also helps if a mother has had a c-section, with no seams to interfere or rub against the sensitive area.

Hospital packs

This Pack includes:

•    A Peachymama nursing top.
•    The popular Basic Black nursing tank top.
•    Comfortable Narrow Bootleg High Waisted pants designed to help tuck in your after baby tummy.

Under slips

This versatile under slip can be worn under their breastfeeding dresses to give you a little extra warmth during the colder months.


These clothes are those typical shirts you always use such as sleeves and shirts with basic colours and designs.

Why Choose Peachymama

•    The clothes reflect the current fashion and not just be about the function of feeding the baby.
•    The company uses good quality materials in flattering prints and colours.
•    The company offers both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter Collections at the same time.

In case that you want to learn more about the products of Peachymama, you can visit to ensure that you have the best style while breastfeeding with comfort and ease.

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