Monday, April 13, 2015

Absolute-Pools.Com -- Conquering The World With Awe-Inspiring Aquatecture Services

Have you ever heard about aquatecture? Well, this a term used solely by for the services that they offer.  It is the expression of water in design in the engineering of pools from swimming pools to spa pools and other water features.

Absolute-Pools is a specialist pool services provider that aims to deliver superb in-water experiences through marvelous aquatecture services.  Swimming pool contractors in UAE highly recommend working with Absolute-pools for all your swimming pool installation needs.  

Why Absolute-Pools?

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The team offers a wide range of operations from designs to manufacturing, supply, installation, and even specialist contracting services.  Over the years, they have contributed to industry design standards as well as to the in-house pool design standards of many major operators across the globe. While their focus is on the MENA region, they also work with lead designers in the region for designs of projects on an international basis. To this day, they have more than 2000 pools worldwide.

Check out their Design Division team:

Design Engineers

The team includes Design engineers who are responsible for covering MEP and structural design, CAD personnel, IT Technical support, and specialists in certain areas like electronic software and thematic experts for installing specific water features.

The team usually works hand-in-hand with your landscape architect or spa consultant because they believe that pools and other water features are fundamental parts of any architectural design.

What is Absolute-Pools Approach?

Whether it is a pool for your home or a commercial pool for your business that you need, absolute-pools is the right choice.

They understand your vision before anything else. What is your purpose for having the pool or water features installed? They try to understand as fully as possible the story behind the overall design and they are also keen to local cultural issues.

Safety first.
A very good pool design and aesthetics must meet technical requirements for safety and function.

Environment friendly.
They make sure that pools and water features are delivered and installed using only environment friendly practices.

Well engineered design.
Good engineering is good design.  They take a responsible attitude to Value-engineering and keep in mind the commercial requirements of the project.

Even from the very beginning, the design team has thoughtfully considered the efficacy of every pool they create. Aside from low-maintenance features, they also consider their design offers energy efficient solutions.

Collaborative approach.
As mentioned earlier, the team works hand-in-hand with other consultants to make sure that your requirements are met beyond expectations.

Professional and innovative.
While the team maintains a professional approach during the entire design process, they also believe it should be done in a fun and innovative way.

Get in touch with absolute-pools now and experience their incomparable aquatecture services.
Find out more about absolute-pools here.

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