Monday, December 8, 2014

Absolute-Pools: Taking Your Pool Experience To The Next Level

Summer is almost everyone’s favourite season. Not just because it’s the time of the year when Mr. Sun is often seen beaming in the sky, but because summer is usually equated to swimming time.

During this time of the year, folks of any age love plunging into the pool either to get relief from the hot and sweaty weather or to just simply enjoy swimming. Whatever reason you may have, the experience can become better if your swimming pool has all the amenities you desire – a wish that can be fulfilled by Absolute-Pools.

An Introduction

Absolute-Pools is a company dedicated to give people a more rewarding experience every time they dip into the swimming pool. Their motto is “bringing pools to life.” This is the very reason they seek to provide innovative, superb and industry best swimming pool service to all their clients.

The company is part of a number of operating companies lead by Sultan Al Habtoor, the Group Chairman. Other key officers include Frank Mason (CEO), Saad Aljenaibi (Director and Chairman – Sultanate of Oman company), and Peter Jamieson (Operations Director).

The enterprise is composed of dedicated and talented individuals who are always on the lookout for better and more imaginative ways to enhance the current services being offered. They have been in the business for a long time and have worked on many successful projects.

Their Pools

Absolute-Pools offers a wide variety of swimming pools for all kinds of users. From lap pools to kids pools to spa pools, name it and they have it. 

What makes Absolute-Pools swimming pool standout from others is its features. Here are some of the standard amenities each pool has:

-          A fully engineered filtration system equipped with timers for pump operation and lights
-          A sandstone perimeter coping
-          Underwater lighting
-          Beautiful, hand tiled mosaic flooring
-          Accent lines at the edge of each step to ensure safety of all users
-          Smooth, non-slip surface
-          Easy access walk-in steps

Clients can also customize their own swimming pools by adding LED lights, energy and water saving devices, swim jets or other water features. 

The swimming pools are very easy to clean as they are furnished with filtration and disinfection equipment. Clearing out debris and dirt are also not a problem anymore as all pools come with a skimmer and a sand or cartridge filter.

So what are you waiting now, contact them at +971 (4) 339 3155 or visit their website – to learn more.

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