Sunday, April 12, 2015

GronteQ: The Leading IT Provider In Dubai

For most individuals, the internet is an essential tool in learning, searching and even buying items. As for business owners, the internet is a tool that allows them to expand, communicate and advertise. As a result, business owners can gain better profits to improve their business. In order to increase your sales and profits with the use of the internet, it is essential that you look for IT experts who can help you like GronteQ.

Facts about GronteQ

•    GronteQ was established in 2008 by the current managing partners who have many years of experience working in senior IT management positions for well-known multinational companies in both Europe and the Middle East.
•    GronteQ provides the right services that can tailor to the needs of the customer in the most business aligned and cost effective way.
•    GronteQ works in a unique way by partnering with clients and acting as a trusted advisor to their management team.
•    GronteQ is a prominent information technology consultancy based in Dubai, providing IT services in the UAE and across the GCC region.

What GronteQ provides

1.    Exceptional Senior Management IT Advice –This is possible since GronteQ has over 50 years of combined IT experience with the help of the best IT advisors, senior managers and business decision makers.
2.    High Quality with Attention to Detail – GronteQ offers unrivalled quality of service and always keeps an eye on the little things that make difference.
3.    Technology that is aligned to the Business – GronteQ delivers business solutions that use IT as an enabler.
4.    The Personal Touch – GronteQ understands the small and medium businesses’ current needs and challenges and are able to address these. They also work with these businesses to help them grow through the innovative use of technologies and business processes.
5.    Cost Effective Solutions that Show Value – GronteQ has the best technology at affordable prices to deliver better results for your business.
6.    Best Practice Business Processes – In order to create successful IT projects, GronteQ uses the right business processes to accommodate your business needs.

The services of GronteQ

As of now, GronteQ features a lot of IT solutions that your business can benefit from such as:

•    IT support services
•    Server & Network support
•    Server & Network installation
•    IT consultancy services
•    CRM
•    E-commerce
•    Cloud Application
•    IT Health check

In case that you want to know more about GronteQ, you can visit them at to find the ideal IT solution that can help improve your business performance and profits.

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