Monday, December 22, 2014

The School Of Natural Therapies – Helping You Become A Better Therapist
Massage therapy is now becoming one of the most in demand medication for people undergoing several ailments. Aside from being non-invasive, it is also economical and does not have any negative side effects. Because of the growing demand, some massage and therapy centres are already on the lookout for more therapists.

Becoming an excellent massage therapist has already been easy these days since there are plenty of training schools in the market. Choosing a reliable and efficient school may be hard though as not all offer quality education. Good thing, such is not the case for one institution named The School of Natural Therapies.

About The School of Natural Therapies

Established in 1989, The School of Natural Therapies has already been producing and training excellent and well-qualified massage and holistic therapists for 25 years. Their mission is to help develop and enhance one’s love and passion for the realm of massage as well as holistic therapy – a goal that is highly possible with the help of their knowledgeable, dedicated, experienced, and skilled tutors.

School Offerings

The training institute offers five (5) main courses and seven (7) CPD and short courses.

  1. ITEC Massage Diploma (Level 3 QCF) 
  2. Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage Course (Level 5 BTEC)
  3. ITEC Sports Massage Therapy (Level 3)
  4. ITEC Anatomy and Physiology (Level 3 QCF) 
  5. ITEC Reflexology Courses (Level 3)
CPD and Short Courses
  1. Massage in Pregnancy 
  2. Deep Tissue – Full Body
  3. Massaging People with Dementia
  4. Hands Free Massage
  5. Natural Face Lift-Massage
  6. Seated-Remedial Chair Massage 
  7. Introduction to Reflexology

Why Choose Us

There are three (3) main reasons that make The School of Natural Therapies standout from the rest:

a)      We’re inclusive

The courses offered by the school include the following:
  • Comprehensive course notes
  • DVD copies of the school’s very own massage routines
  • Equipment and tools (oils, towel, massage couches, and etc.) needed for the training session

b)     We’re personal

To make sure that students will learn well during the session, classes are limited to a certain number:
  • Holistic Massage diploma: 16 students
  • Reflexology Training: 7 trainees
  • Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Level 5 classes: slightly bigger than the rest (includes three industry experts who will supervise the students learning) 

c)       We’re insurable

All training classes are accredited by the top industry organizations:
-          ISRM
-          BTEC
-          ITEC
-          The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)

Get to know more about the website of School of Natural Therapies by reading this post.

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