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A Look At The School Of Natural Therapies' Website

Leading provider of holistic and natural therapy courses
Many people are now choosing to engage in and build a career in natural or holistic therapies. This is because a lot of people are also opting to go for natural or holistic therapies as a form of treatment or as an accompanying one to help treat various types of ailments and health issues they may feeling or suffering from.

Massage and reflexology are just two of the popular types or forms of natural and holistic therapies. And both of these courses are just a couple of the most highly regarded programmes offered by different training providers in the UK. One of the most trusted and reputable natural and holistic therapy training course providers in the UK is The School of Natural Therapies.

The School Of Natural Therapies

Trusted provider of holistic and natural therapy courses
The School of Natural Therapies or SNT has been one of the leading providers of massage and holistic therapy courses in the UK for more than 25 years now. SNT is owned by Marc Innes, who is also the principal of this institution.

The school aims to develop each student’s interest, passion and expertise in massage and holistic therapies. And they have consistently been doing this with each and every student that enrols with them.

SNT only has the most qualified and competent tutors under its employ. Their expert and highly skilled licensed tutors include the following:

• Helena Barton
• Trevor Gorard
• Suzannah Agrippa
• Amy Taylor
• Iris Haberkorn
• Alison Christoforou
• Julie-ann Gillitt
• Joseph O’Dwyer
• Luke Hedley
• Nicole Mitchell

 SNT’s Offered Courses

The following are some of popular and valued courses students can take up at SNT:

• ITEC Massage diploma (Level 3 QCF)
• Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage course (Level 5 BTEC)
• ITEC Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy
• Anatomy and Physiology (ITEC Level 3 QCF)
• Reflexology courses (ITEC Level 3)
• Introduction to Reflexology
• Massage in Pregnancy
• Massaging People with Dementia
• Hands-free Massage
• Natural Face-Lift Massage

The school’s website, provides more details about each of the courses they offer.

An Overview Of SNT’s Website

SNT’s website is one of the best training providers’ websites that you can view or visit. If you’re looking for a training centre that offers natural and holistic therapy courses, you will find all the information you’re searching for or need on this website.

The website is easy to navigate and you will definitely find whatever you are looking for here effortlessly. It is also a trove for great and informative videos and posts as well.  The graphics on the website also contribute greatly to making this site interesting and very appealing as well.

All in all, SNT’s website is a really a good website to visit if you’re looking to learn more about holistic and natural therapy courses and if you want to start a career in this field.

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