Sunday, October 5, 2014

TS EXPORT – A Reliable Partner For Importing Vehicles And Auto Parts From Japan
In many countries, used car business remains to be a thriving industry. And Japanese cars continue to be a popular choice for brand new and used cars. That is because they are more affordable and finding replacement parts for them is easier. For owners of a car dealership, partnering with the best Japanese car supplier is essential in guaranteeing favourable results. By partnering with a reliable company that boasts a wealth of experience in the industry, you will be able to learn some of the important tricks of the trade which will help you lay down the foundation of your business in the industry.


TS EXPORT, a company established in 1983, offers professional and outstanding exporting services from Japan. The company can get you access to thousands of cars, not only at Japanese car auctions, but also from wide ranging sources such as through private sellers, recyclers, retailers, and wholesalers. While these may be used cars, they have authentically low kilometres, in spite of their age. Fully licensed and independently verified, TS EXPORT not only gets its clients the best stocks but it also offers them different banking options that will help to decrease bank fees.

Another key benefit to sourcing out an ideal supplier like TS EXPORT is that you may be given freight rates your business can afford to make. You don’t have to pay costly rates for your purchased motorhomes or vintage cars for you can get a bigger shipping container that is priced the same as standard containers. 

When you partner with TS EXPORT, you will be provided access to different brands such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, and many others for different types of vehicles like Japanese used trucks, motorcycles, vans, Japanese used forklifts, and spare parts at great prices.

Benefits You Can Get From The TS EXPORT Service

  •   Access to 5 Exclusive Systems that are only available through TS EXPORT
  •  A wide selection of the best stock 
  •  Best shipping and banking options
  • The convenience of online listings, extended hours, your own personal Trading Account and Client Portal 
  •  Condition Guarantee
  • Better payment terms (Pay As You Go)
  • Better facilities, service, and support
  • Lower costs and verifiable pricing


User Friendly Website

When you visit, you can find listings for whatever you are looking for on one page; from listings of private sellers, end users, dealers, wholesalers and auctions.

You will be able to view samples of available stocks in thumbnail images on the page and you just have to click on the thumbnail to view its full detail. To view a complete database, you just have to click the link and the whole database loads in a new window without leaving the main page.

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