Monday, December 22, 2014

La Tease: Helping You Reveal Your True Beauty

La Tease
It is important for individuals to improve their looks in order to obtain amazing benefits. Having an appealing look can help improve your self-esteem. By having a self-esteem, individuals can also improve their performance that may result in a better future for them. With this said, it is important to look for services or items that can cater to your needs. Luckily, one of the best options is to visit La Tease.

What Is La Tease

La Tease is a professional hair salon located in Blakes crossing Blakeview. La Tease combines classic hairdressing with the latest styles and trends to give our clients an unforgettable experience and hairstyle with the help of the seasoned stylists. In order to provide you the best hair and beauty solutions and services, La Tease uses the best and most effective items and tools.

La Tease
Hair Services

As of now, La Tease offers different types of hair services that can cater to your needs. Listed below are the following.

Cutting - All cuts are included with a wash and dry off, blow dries extra

Matrix colours – Colours can help improve your looks and complement your skin tone. With this service, you are sure that your hair can match your clothing to improve your looks. However, price will vary depending upon length and thickness of hair

Hair extensions – There are instances that women need to have a long hair in order to a special event may it be a gathering or a wedding. Thus, you can opt for hair extensions. Service price may vary depending on the length.

Beauty Services

Other than hair services, La Tease can also offer you with hair products to ensure that your hair is shiny and fresh.

Matrix Biolage – This product delivers natural, healthy-looking hair for every need and hair type. This product also harnesses the power of botanicals to nourish, restore and bring out hair's natural beauty.

La Tease
Evo - Fresh from the primordial gene pool, the best cutters, designers and lab rats in the business have created evo : the most luxurious, innovative and yet sensible hair care range that has ever existed.

Cloud 9 - Cloud Nine irons come in three widths including the small 15cm Micro Iron that is ideal for carrying in your purse when out and about on the town and your locks needs a quick touch up.

Special Promos

La Tease also offers special promos for current and new clients in order to provide them the best benefits.

•    First time clients can obtain a $25 discount on the first service.

•    TGI Fridays. You can enjoy a wonderful drink in their saloon every Friday. You can choose from wines or beers.

•    La Tease also provides gift card for current clients to enjoy amazing hair care services at lower prices.

In case that you are looking for other services, you can visit to help you reveal your true beauty.

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