Monday, December 22, 2014

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For photographers, buying camera accessories can be difficult; but thanks to various online stores for offering such products online. Today, there are already a lot of camera shops, photography enthusiasts can check out. And if you are living in UAE, consider looking into now.

About is considered the largest online photography superstore in UAE. They are actually affiliated with one of the GCC’s premier photography distribution companies that are operating in the region since 1973 with more than 40,000 camera as well as accessories in stock. But you must know that they are more than just selling camera equipment. They highly emphasized that they are also photography enthusiasts who can help you when you have concerns about how to get the best out of your equipment or perhaps if you want to know some tips regarding how to get a perfect shot.

Their Products

They are proud to say that they carry a wide range of products that will cater both to professionals and amateurs. Regardless of whether it is your profession or a hobby, they certainly got the right equipment that you need. All their products are indeed offered at the best possible prices in town. Apart from that, their products also have dealer warranties. They are based out of the UAE but they can deliver all across the world so your distance is not a problem if you want to purchase high quality camera and accessories from them.

Some of the products they offer will include accessories, lenses, clothing, electronics, photography lights, memory cards, camera, camera bags, tripods and support, microphones, studio accessories, and many more. They also offer products from various brands like BETA Shell, b-grip, Canon, Boya, easyCover, SanDisk, Sigma, Nikon, Nissin, Metz, Visico, and many more.

About Their Repair Service

They actually offer a professional repair service for Digital SLR cameras, flash units, and lenses. Some of the most common causes of damage will include heat, vibrations, humidity, and water. Regardless of how careful you are, accidents do happen causing your equipment to be damaged. highly emphasized that they have experienced and qualified technicians who can repair your damaged photography equipment. Some of the repair services they offer will include LCD replacement, Flash repair, Lens repair, Sensor cleaning, Lens cleaning, and Shutter replacement.

There are indeed a lot of reasons why you have to choose when buying camera along with its accessories. First, they offer superior customer service. Most importantly, they offer only the best quality and original camera parts and equipment. To learn some, read on

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