Monday, December 22, 2014

Hisham Wyne: Dubai’s Most Versatile And Popular MC And Presenter

leading MC and copywriter in Dubai

Events and gatherings abound in Dubai and across the UAE all year round. There are always parties that take place to celebrate birthdays, weddings and anniversaries almost on a daily and nightly basis. There are also company events that happen at least once a week in Dubai and other parts of UAE as well: corporate parties or gatherings, product launches, trainings and seminars are regularly held or done here as well.

In such events, an employee from the company or family member would be assigned as the MC or presenter.  They can certainly do a good job with such task but if you’re looking to make the event more memorable, hiring a well-experienced, versatile and professional MC or presenter would be your best course of action.

Introducing Hisham Wyne

reputable event presenter and freelance writer in Dubai

Hisham Wyne is a MC, presenter and compere. He is also a freelance copywriter and content specialist. He is presently based in Dubai.

As a freelance writer, he creates fetching content for different brands. Various traditional, online and social media regularly feature his writings. Hisham is also a renowned journalist and feature writer. He also provides copywriting services to create engaging content, campaigns and messaging for clients.

Hisham As An MC, Presenter And Compere

leading MC and freelance writer based in Dubai

Hisham is a sought-after event MC or emcee, presenter, compere and keynote speaker. He lends his talents in hosting various events which ranged from conferences, launches, gala dinners, exhibitions and even team building affairs for global brands.

The following are some of the most recent events and gatherings Hisham presented or compered at:

• The UAE Barista Championship 2014 (also for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013)
• The GITEX Hot Stuff Awards Party 2014
• #TieCon Dubai 2014 Entrepreneurial Conference
• The Samsung Dubai Mall activation 2014
• The Christian Dior Gala Dinner 2014
• The Dubai Airports HR Gala Dinner 2014
• The Acer Product Reveal 2014
• Annual Gala Dinner for Brother and Almoe 2014

When he is not hosting, aside from writing, Hisham also acts and has been a cast member for some TV shows in Dubai. He also hosts and curates a local monthly comedy night called the One Night Standup at the 1UP Bar, Tecom.

To get more details about the previous and current hosting engagements of Hisham, visit

Hiring Hisham As Your Event Host Or MC

When you hire Hisham, you get the guarantee that he will deliver the results you are looking for in an event MC or presenter. He prepares greatly in advance for the event. He will diligently study your brand to showcase and make it shine all throughout the event. And of course, he will ensure that all your guests or audiences will have a great time during the whole affair. He can definitely make any event, big or small, grander and truly unforgettable for all the right reasons.

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