Monday, January 5, 2015

Commercial Bank Of Dubai – Leading The Way To Greater Financial Prosperity

When it comes to making the most out of your money, you have to look for ways on how increase your finances. Investing it is a great option. Investing in banks is a great idea. And if you are in UAE, consider looking into the Commercial Bank Of Dubai.

About Commercial Bank Of Dubai

It was in 1969 that Commercial Bank Of Dubai started out little. They actually started out as a joint venture of Commerzbank, Commercial Bank of Kuwait, and Chase Manhattan Bank. Only a minority stake was held by a couple of UAE businessmen. Decades later at around 1982, they evolved into a National Public Shareholding company. A feat complimented by an exponential increase in the capital base as well as mammoth restructuring of their operations. When the Government of Dubai came, the feather in the cap became a key shareholder.

Indeed, for decades already, they have transformed their selves into a progressive as well as modern banking institution. They are supported by a strong financial base. Apart from that, they are also reigned by a stable management. The proof of such will actually lie with their clients who stood by them for many years already.

Nowadays, they are in a great position to offer you with a wide range of retail and commercial banking products as well as services at par with other banks within the industry. They highly emphasized that they aspire to take on the financial services industry head on so they can be able to meet your expectations of better interest rates, easier access, better technology, and new services.

Personal Banking

They highly emphasized that a new personalized online banking experience is right at your fingertips. You can actually take full advantage of their new online features that are specifically tailored with your necessities, ranging from transfers, financial management, bill payments, and online applications.

Commercial Banking

CBD commercial baking will deliver the right financing solutions to various businesses. They will be able to provide your venture with a wide range of financial options that will include working capital finance, bill discounting services, construction financing and asset-based lending, overdraft facilities, term loan facilities and many more in order to assist your business growth as well as maximize your business potential.

Corporate Banking

CBD corporate banking will deliver the right financing solutions to government entities and large corporate. They will help you in maximizing your business potentials through their wide range of sophisticated financial solutions. They have a team of experienced relationship managers along with product specialists in the fields of debt finance, payments, treasury, cash management, and trade finance services in order to assist business growth.

You can learn more about Commercial Bank Of Dubai along with the products and services they offer at

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