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Triathlon Research: Your Complete Online Guide For Info About High Performance Triathlon Training

complete online source for triathlon training news
One of the most popular and greatly followed triathlon competitions all over the world is the Ironman triathlon. This race is organized by the World Triathlon Corporation or WTC. The Ironman series is held in different parts of the world: Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan, and across Europe, including the United Kingdom.

Professional triathletes train hard to achieve the goal of competing in this highly prestigious competition and of course, of winning the series. But whether you are a professional triathlete or a beginner with hopes of joining the Ironman series or any triathlon competition, having access to the right online source for the most relevant and latest information about this sport can help you sufficiently prepare for and train well for any upcoming race.

All About Triathlon Research 

The website of Triathlon Research,, is a complete and always updated online source of comprehensive research, distillation, and distribution of the best information regarding high performance triathlon training.

This website was established by Sam Cook to provide triathletes of any age and ability level the best and most up-to-date information they need to know about so that they can achieve all their triathlon performance and lifestyle objectives.

reputable online source for triathlon training info

Triathlon Training Camps

Triathlon Research provides the latest information and updates about elite triathlon training camps that are being held across the USA and in other parts of the globe. Some of these upcoming training sessions include:

• 5-day training camp (Go the Distance) with Mirinda Carfrae and Siri Lindley
• Triathlon Mastery Camp with Marc Evans

Other Contents Of The Website

Aside from details about triathlon training camps, the website of Triathlon Research also contains the latest news and blogs, instructional videos and podcasts that are also designed to help you achieve all your triathlon performance and lifestyle goals. 

A number of well-known athletes, trainers and coaches regularly contribute to the Triathlon Research and they include:

• Mark Allen
• Daniel Bretscher
• Brenton Ford
• Gwen Jorgensen
• Terry Laughlin
• Bobby McGee
• Jamie Turner

trusted online source for triathlon training info

Triathlon Research’s Method 

To make sure that all the contents of Triathlon Research’s website are in line with their goal and purpose, they employ the following steps:

• Triathlon Research scours the immense world of triathlon to find the best instructional videos, writings, and articles from world class athletes, coaches, physiologists, and psychologists which they publish in daily blogs and weekly email newsletters.

• Triathlon Research runs live online events with top level triathlon coaches, athletes, equipment manufacturers, and trusted technology experts in the world of triathlon.

• Triathlon Research also conducts reviews of the top triathlon technology, equipment, and tools which are all designed to help triathletes achieve better training and racing results.

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