Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Look Into Tawasol Website: Your-Go-To App Center

Apps interest you. You think it is good for your business to have an app. However, you have zero idea about it, much more how to build it. Well, it will actually just take a look into Tawasol's website to know more about apps as to why you need it and how to build it.

The vision?

Tawasol headlines the website with its mission, "To become the largest software development house in the MENA region, by consistently delighting our customers and driving their business objectives, through innovative customized apps and digital services." As a leading digital strategy and software firm, specializing in developing customized mobile applications to suit the needs of the clients, Tawasol showcases its products and services in a well-designed website.

The solutions:

Among its business solutions are the following:

Mobile Apps
Mobile Portal
Smart TV
Digital Marketing
Mobile Application Porting
Digital Advertising Services
Developer Academy
Embedded Devices Development

You can go check out the images, videos and news available in the page for a glimpse on how these integrated or stand-alone solutions will suit your business' needs. Their portfolio is also made available for you to access and check the company's previous works.

Visit and you will see that it is certainly a reflection of Tawasol's highly innovative and skillful team of experts. Apart from the company profile, you can also check out their team members ranging from the management level down to the technical and support team. References, including client references, are also in the webpage for you to take a look into. But since their company is as dynamic as their website, there are several job offerings posted in one of their web pages where positions available are for those SEO specialists and Android and iOS app developers among others.

Go through the slide in the homepage and you will find the biggest offerings of Tawasol. You can also submit your idea or browse through the company's blogs for more information on the Tawasol's products and services as well as their latest news and events.

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