Thursday, September 1, 2016

Accomplish Your Weight Loss And Slimming Goals With The Help Of BodySmart

leading weight loss and slimming center in Dubai
Losing weight and having a toned, slimmer body is always a struggle. You’ll have to go on a diet and work out regularly – activities that aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. By going on a diet, you’ll always feel hungry all the time. And if you exercise several hours a week, you’ll also tend to feel tired and achy all over.

Most people who persist on doing these weight loss activities will eventually achieve their fitness goals. Unfortunately, not everyone will have the tenacity, patience, and will to do so, especially if they feel that it’s taking them too long to get the weight and body they are looking for.

If it seems like you’re also losing patience but not exactly losing weight even if you’re on a diet and work out regularly, you may need to think about signing up for a weight loss program offered by trusted fitness and slimming centers. In Dubai, one of the most modern, complete, and reliable weight loss and slimming centers is BodySmart.

well-known weight loss and slimming center in Dubai

About BodySmart

BodySmart is a weight loss and fitness center in Dubai. Established in 2005 by owner and founder Allison Pickford, the center is made up of a team of trained body shaping experts that can help you have and maintain the body you want without surgery or invasive treatments. Each center has a variety of weight loss and slimming equipment and products all proven to be effective in helping you achieve a fitter, healthier body.

Every BodySmart personnel are passionate about the products and programs the center offers. They aim to provide a comprehensive, effective, and friendly service. They are also committed to helping clients stay motivated and achieve the results they are looking for.

At present, BodySmart has two studios located at the Meadows Town Centre and Umm Suqeim.

established weight loss and slimming center in Dubai

Weight Loss And Slimming Programs And Products Offered By BodySmart

BodySmart offers different weight loss and slimming programs with the use of modern fitness technology and equipment.

HYPOXI® Training

HYPOXI® technology targets fat loss in the stomach, hip, buttocks, and thigh regions. It offers up to 3 times better results than what you can achieve with conventional exercise. Aside from these, you will also notice marked improvement in skin tone and texture, fat metabolism, circulation, lymph drainage, and cellulite reduction. It also provides clients a remarkable feeling of rejuvenation.

BodySmart offers all these benefits through the use of the following HYPOXI® devices:

• S120
• L250
• The Vacunaut
• HypoxiDermology


The leading brand in cell stimulation, LPG devices and products can eliminate stubborn fats and offer anti-aging solutions through the following:

• Lipomassage
• Endermolift
• Wellbox
• Skincare products

Power Plate

Using a Power Plate equipment to do regular Acceleration training, you will experience improvement in blood circulation, decreased cellulite, increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved range of motion, reduced pain and soreness and faster recovery.

Learn how you can book a free trial for a Power Plate workout by visiting BodySmart’s website.