Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Review On Modular Cubed

When it comes to road works and other construction project, finding a reliable groundworks contractor is a huge advantage. The services provided by a groundworks contractor can certainly help you get things done in order, on time and safely.

About Modular Cubed

Modular Cubed is a company that specializes in installing precast concrete products. With their extensive experience of installing precast concrete for various applications in different market sectors, they can help make your road works construction projects completed much faster.  Modular Cubed is very much committed to ensuring high standards of health and safety onsite as well, which means that  they can guarantee the safety of those working for them and those affected by their activities. The company’s team of contract managers, installers, site foremen, and groundworkers are experienced and trained in performing different construction tasks.

The Services They Offer

Structural Design. If you need full structural calculations and CAD drawings for your projects, Modular Cubed can provide this to you.

Project Management. This includes the design and delivery of your projects. Modular Cubed has a team that can expertly mange the entire process for you.

Groundwork & Civils . This includes a wide range of services such as site surveying, earthworks, and reinforced concrete foundations and footings.

Precast Concrete Installation. Modular Cubed is best known for installing a range of precast concrete products.

Transport & Logistics. If you need help with the transport of your materials, Modular Cubed has access to an extensive UK logistics network.

The Projects They Handle

Agricultural Construction. This includes all aspects of agricultural buildings such as crop storage, livestock buildings and silage clamps.

Energy and Utilities. This includes solar power, highway rail and airport infrastructure and anaerobic digestion.

Retaining Walls. This includes earth retaining walls, waste transfer stations and creating material storage bays.

Site Security. With this, you can protect your construction site using concrete barriers, fencing and hoarding.

Modular Buildings. Modular Cubed provides modular bespoke building solutions for the storage of construction materials.

Contact Info

Get in touch with Modular Cubed through their website which contains their phone number, office address and a contact form to get a quote.

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