Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Review On HSBC Egypt And The Services It Offers To Businesses

Today, one of the most trusted banks known worldwide is HSBC. They have served millions of people and businesses all throughout the globe and they have become one of the most efficient and most reliable banks in the world that offers the best services to help businesses grow, expand and reach their goals locally and internationally. In Egypt, for example, most business owners opt for HSBC as their partner in reaching their business goals.

About HSBC Egypt

HSBC Egypt was established in Egypt in 1982. It was then called the Hong Kong Egyptian Bank. It was then rebranded and renamed to HSBC Bank Egypt in April of 2001. This happened after an increase of more than 50% in its shareholding of its issued capital. In the Middle East, HSBC was established in 1959 after the British Bank of the Middle East was obtained. It then became one of the leading banks that provided the best financial services to businesses in the area. HSBC was actually founded in London in the year 1889.

The Services The Bank Provides

For businesses, HSBC has become a trusted partner in making sure their financial side is taken care of. As of the moment, HSBC Egypt offers the following services to businesses in the area:

- Commercial banking
- Global banking and markets
- Retail banking and wealth management
- Global private banking

When it comes to financial products and services, HSBC Egypt can be a reliable source that many business experts in the region strongly recommend. They guarantee high standards of internal governance and making sure that they take proper account of the impact of the actions that greatly affects the business world. HSBC is committed to helping businesses build a sustainable and long term relationship with both their clients and customers. The bank also has financial experts who are more than willing to help both small and big business owners achieve their individual goals by providing them with the best service or product that their business needs. Since each and every business is unique in its own way and has different needs, HSBC sees to it that these needs are met in order to get favourable results at the end.

How To Contact Them

Contacting HSBC Egypt is easy as they have a website that has all the information you need. You have the option to chat, call or make an appointment to fully understand their products and services. You may also send them your suggestions and comments to ensure they provide excellent service to their customers at all time.

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