Thursday, May 26, 2016

Knowing More About No Fuss Event Hire

When it comes to holding outdoor parties and events, many people really have a hard time planning and getting all the materials needed. Fortunately, there is an event furnishing company that provides all these things.

About No Fuss Event Hire

No Fuss Event Hire was founded in 1996 by Geoff Tucker. Since then, the company has earned a reputation in providing credibility and reliability when it comes to hire equipment services. The company also has a team of experienced staff to help you execute major events. This team has logical expertise that reflects to their commitment in providing expert services to the customers. No Fuss Event Hire has the largest stock of temporary flooring and ground access products in Australasia. Hence, you can be sure that they got everything you need when it comes to outdoor events.

No Fuss Event Hire Products

There is a wide variety of products and services offered by No Fuss Event Hire. Check out the following:

- Flooring. This includes Profloor, carpet, Plasto Rip, Supa-Trac, Supamats, Hexapro, I-Trac, Supa 4WD Mat and Protectall.

- Marquees. No Fuss Event Hire offers marquee hire for outdoor events. They have all types of marquees ranging from different structures and sizes.

- Event furniture hire. The company also offers a selection of event furnishings for marquee occasions such as chairs, tables, casual seating and other event furnishings.

- Specialty structures. This includes air-roof, inflatable cube and WOW structures that are best for huge events.

- Fencing and crowd control barriers. If you need more protection and privacy in your outdoor events, No Fuss Event Hire offers Veloz Barrier and fencing.

Aside from these, No Fuss Event Hire also offers full hire and dry hire. Full hire is when you get the full services hire which means that the items will be delivered and installed by the company’s expert staff. Dry hire means you can hire a particular furnishing, flooring or marquee and return it once the hire period ends.

Contact Information

If you want to contact No Fuss Event Hire, you can check out their website which has their phone number, email address and head office address. You can also use their contact form for questions and inquiries.

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