Thursday, May 26, 2016

Durrant Orthopaedics – Offering The Best Treatments For Different Injuries

An injury is defined as damage to any body part. It may be classified into different groups. It may also be described as a traumatic injury, a degenerative injury, or an injury caused by illnesses. Hence, treatments of injuries vary. Regardless of whether you will need a surgical treatment, a medical treatment, or perhaps a physical treatment, a qualified practitioner will advise you about the most appropriate course of action. Durrant Orthopaedics can be your best help.

About Durrant Orthopaedics

Adam Durrant is the leading Auckland surgeon that offers both non-surgical and surgical treatments for all shoulder conditions along with hand and elbow injuries. He fully understand how painful and limiting injuries are if they are trying to do even the simplest tasks.

Durrant Orthopaedics, there website, is meant for you so you can have ease of access to a wide range of in-depth information regarding the conditions and procedures. You can fully understand as well as investigate your specific injury or condition.

Adam’s particular interest will include Dupuytrens Diseases of the hand, rotator cuff surgery, and arthroscopic surgery of the elbow, wrist, and shoulder. He likewise covered advanced training in elbow and shoulder joint replacements as well as in sports-related injuries of the hand, elbow, and shoulder.

You can see him for a consultation at either his rooms in Ascot Park or at his peripheral clinics in Red Beach, Massey or the Auckland CBD. He also offers patients surgery at Brightside and Ascot Hospitals.

Treatments They Offer

Shoulder Surgery – You will only undergo a shoulder operation only after a thorough consultation with Mr Durrant. He will discuss the different treatment options with you and advise you on the best suitable option based on your injury. Also, he will establish if the surgery can be performed arthroscopically or perhaps if open surgery is necessary.

Elbow Surgery – After consultation, it will be established if the best treatment option for your elbow injury is surgery. The procedure will be thoroughly discussed to you. Mr Durrant operates with arthroscopic and open surgical procedures based on the goals of the patient, the nature of the injury, and the best procedure to get the best result.

Hand & Wrist Surgery – Mr Durrant will provide you with all the information required for you to make an informed decision regarding the best surgical option for you. Surgical treatments for arthritis, on the other hand, will include partial removal of damaged bone or fusion of some of the bones in order to relieve pain.

Appointment Information

Prior to your appointment, you must arrange the following information or documents:

  • ACC claim number
  • Referral letter from your physiotherapist, GP, or specialist
  • Copies of all x-rays, scans, and other important medical tests
  • Copies of all medical records related to your condition

Take note that if you miss any of these requirements, it may result in a delay in your treatment or diagnosis. Also, you must contact them at least 1 working day before your appointment and arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment.

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