Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Well Desk – Best Provider Of Affordable Standing Desks For Everyone

Reinvent your health and wellbeing during long hours spent hunching at a desk. Today, there is a way for reinventing the working environment of people sitting at a desk daily. Well Desk offers a practical, affordable, and simple solution that you can use every day at work.

About Well Desk

Well Desk is an American company motivating people to stand more and become more productive and healthy. They want people to boost their workplace wellness. They offer a solution that can be taken to their work place and easily install on their desk with minimum hassle and impact. No compromises or special permissions are needed.

Well Desk Facts

  • It is made in America from US materials and manpower.
  • The design was built out of rigorous testing along with a desire to offer an affordable yet simple solution.
  • It is built from premium quality Baltic Birch Plywood.
  • It is built for function, strength, ad durability.
  • It is brought to you by a reputable team of people with a passion for better living through innovative solutions.

They further emphasized that this stand-up desk meets all ergonomic guidelines and is a very practical solution for any workplace or office.

Apart from that, it has 2 adjustable shelves for ergonomically perfect positioning. With its 18 possible combinations, you can stand and work with a perfect stance, no matter what your personal height and unique computer set up is. It is built with an ingenious folding design allowing for simple versatility and assembly. It is guaranteed to never shake or slide even with the most vigorous of key board bashing.

It is made from 3 simple pieces. It weighs 15lbs or 7kgs. It can be fitted together without the need for glue or tools. In fact, it will take less than a minute for you to assemble it.

Benefits Of Using A Standing Desk

Reduced Pain – Studies have shown that standing desks provided impressive results. Within 2-4 weeks, over two-thirds of the participants reported that they preferred their new stand-up desk. They have reported considerable decrease in neck, back, and musculoskeletal pain. Others said that they felt an increased overall wellness.

Enhanced Blood Circulation – Blood circulation in your lower extremities can be decreased with too much sitting. With a stand-up desk, there will certainly be a measurable increase in your blood flow – in turn, this will nourish and revitalize your muscles.

Longer Life Span – Based on the American Cancer Society, there is a direct correlation between how long people live and how much time they spent sitting. In 2010, they have reported that female mortality rates increased by about 37% among those who sat for over 6 hours a day.

Improved Mental Clarity & Productivity – Based on several studies, people who use a standing desk will need fewer breaks and tend to become more productive. It was also noted that participants had measurable improvement in task completion and concentration.

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