Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Website Review: Travel Insurance Plus

One of the things you can do to relax and be away from your daily, hectic working schedule is to travel to a great place like Thailand, Bali, and Fiji. But travelling abroad will entail a lot of important things. Travel insurance is among these things. One of the best providers of such insurance today is Travel Insurance Plus.

About Travel Insurance Plus

Travel Insurance Plus is an online travel insurance specialist who fully understands that quality cover at a great price is what matters most. They actually offer their services at the lowest possible price without compromising cover.

What is great about them is that they take corporate social responsibility very seriously. It is for this reason that they donate 13% of their net revenue to charity via their Travel Insurance Plus Charity Program. They won’t ask you to pay extra nominal amount; rather, they genuinely donate a percentage of their revenue on your behalf.

Their Offered Travel Insurance Products

Overseas Travelers – They offer a wide range of covers for overseas travel. They have insurance packages for families or singles, for one-off trips and frequent travelers. These packages cover emergency medical & hospital, travel delay expenses, cancellation fees, lost computers, mobile phones and camera, lost deposits, and luggage and personal effects. There are other inclusions depending on the plan you bought.

Domestic Travelers – They offer direct travel insurance online to make sure that you get a fair price for your selected cover. They cover cancellation and delays, luggage and personal effects, and many more. You can read their Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions, along with exclusions and limits.

Multi-Trip – This package is perfect for those who travel often. This offers you the convenience of a single policy that provides you with cover for an unlimited number of journeys over a period of one year.

Cruise – Meant to offer a wide range of great benefits that are specific to cruising, the Cruise Cover offers the additional protection that will give you complete peace of mind. This package covers ship to shore evacuation, medical cover while cruising, marine rescue diversion, and delayed or damaged/lost formal cruise attire, and many more.

Backpackers – They offer a quality option to budget conscious travelers. They offer insurance designed to only cover the essentials.

Senior Travelers – They offer the right travel insurance that can help you blow the kid’s inheritance on exotic locations.

Why Choose Travel Insurance Plus

  • They provide quality cover at great prices
  • They are 100% Australian owned & have an Australian based customer and claims centre
  • They offer a reliable and friendly service along with 24/7 emergency assistance provided by Allianz Global Assistance
  • They deliver fast, fair and efficient claims
You can learn more about them along with the products they offer at travelinsuranceplus.com.au

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