Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Degree Lawn & Landscape: A Lawn Care And Landscaping Specialist In The US

A healthy lawn can change the appearance of any property. It will certainly increase the property’s overall value as well as influence your state of mind. But if you are among the busy homeowners who do not have enough time to deal with your property’s maintenance – from basic weekly mowing to bed maintenance to fertilization, Degree Lawn & Landscape are among the specialists you can get help from.

Degree Lawn & Landscape’s Company Info

They have been serving and have completed a lot of successful projects throughout West Chester, Mason, Lebanon, Fairfield and Springboro since 1999. They are a full service landscape business that can handle all aspects of your ground maintenance and landscaping needs. They are indeed considered among the most logical choices of expert care of your valuable lawn and landscape investment. Most importantly, they pride themselves on delivering personalized, professional lawn care services that are unmatched in the industry. The top priority of their business is to provide the highest possible service to their clients.

Their Offered Services Include:

  • Aeration – This will help lessen thatch and boost turf growth
  • Lawn Maintenance – This service will include weekly mowing, trimming, edging, and clean-up.
  • Lawn Care – This service will include regular fertilization along with control of broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, and insects.
  • Grub Control – This is inclusive of season-long control of grubs and other lawn infesting insects.
  • Tree& Shrub Care – This aims to control insects and diseases whilst maintaining health and vigor.
  • Tree & Shrub Pruning - Horticulture pruning as growth habit dictates.
  • Spring 7 Fall Bed Clean-Up/Mulching – This service will include edging of landscape beds and removal of debris along with the application of pre-emergent herbicide and premium hardwood mulch.
  • Planting Bed Installation

Apart from that, they also offer regular inspections as an important part of their service. This allows them to identify as well as treat possible problems before they have an opportunity to do serious damage. In case you have inquiries regarding your lawn and landscape, know that they will always be there to provide the best possible answer.

Why Choose Them?

  1. They are licensed for all State and local requirements.
  2. They listen to you insights and provide solid Horticultural advice and direction.
  3. They use only the best products for weed control and fertilization.
  4. Their employees are all professionals who are taking pride in their works.
  5. They are very competitive with their pricing.
  6. You can have easy access to your Degree Contact after the sale.
  7. They care about your property’s curb appeal.
  8. 90% of their plant material is grown local.
  9. They are a locally owned small venture.
  10. They spend sufficient time to get to know you better so that every job will have a quality control once its done.

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