Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Site Review On magins.com.au: Be Inspired With Your Lighting Planning

Beautifying or restyling your home? Various interesting articles online and offline share a lot of tips about house design and remodelling. Whether you want to improve your interior space or outdoor living areas, there are simple techniques you might want to try.  One of these is to install lighting fixtures.


One website you can visit for great selection of beautiful lighting is magins.com.au. The company’s lighting fixtures focus on classic lines, real materials, and quality finishes. Their featured products here are fully functional, safe, elegant and aesthetically appealing.

Enough time for lighting planning should be taken into account if you wish to replicate a particular bathroom style. With careful planning you can ensure a flawless execution of the design you want.  Some ideas on the website are:

For Kitchen Island Bench Lighting

Lighting in your kitchen should be versatile so that it can cater to the activities done here. Food preparation areas are brighter while dining areas can have softer light to create a more ambient mood. Recommended products are:
  • Magins Norfolk Tapered Box Lanterns
  • The Gloucester 3 Arm Pendant
  • Magins Hampton Pendant

For Lanterns And Exterior Lighting

Lanterns look great on entrances, hallways and stairwells, as well as on your dining tables, kitchen island benches and in bathrooms. Ranging in style, your choice for Magins lantern collections and exterior lighting are:
  • Hanover Tapered Box Lantern
  • The Sussex Box lantern
  • Magins Exclusive Range
  • Custom size Lanterns
  • HozBox
  • Lille Wall Lanterns
  • Devonia Wall Lanterns
  • Hinkley Bingham collection

Bathroom Vanity Lights

Give your bathroom a touch of your own brand of aesthetics and maintain the look for a long time. Bathroom vanity lights serve as a smart illumination for the room. They are bright enough to light the entire space so you don’t have to install more light sources.

Beautiful interior or exterior lighting fixtures not only add appeal to your space but also provide you the light that you need to make a particular space functional.

Where to Source Your Restoration Hardware

It is important to source your restoration hardware from trusted stores or suppliers. In Australia, MAGINS Lighting one of the most renowned lighting shops you can go to source your illumination feature needs. This independent Australia boutique lighting shop has been operation for over 2 decades now in the lighting industry. They have a showroom located in Willoughby on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. Visit their website for more lighting ideas or read more about MAGINS Lighting here.

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