Thursday, June 4, 2015

Smiling Gardener – Your Guide To Proper And Successful Organic Gardening

Fruits and vegetables being sold in the market today usually are not organic. This means that they do not contain much of nutrients. In fact, some are already processed. Once such fruits and vegetable reach your plate, it contains less nutrients already. Thus, most experts highly recommend practicing organic gardening if you have small empty lot in your home. Smiling Gardener can be of great help.

About Smiling Gardener

Phil Nauta called his website “Smiling Gardener” because he wants to focus on the positive side of organic gardening. He emphasized that this website is for organic gardeners everywhere who are smiling since they are growing nutrient-dense, sustainable food and beautiful plants and flowers in their gardens and that they are turning their organic soil into a vibrant, living community.

The information provided on this website is for those who want to master the art of organic gardening. Phil spent most of his time covering the basics; however, he also gets into more advanced organic gardening techniques. He provides the essential skills as well as knowledge that you will not learn if you are reading most popular websites and books tackling about organic gardening. Sometimes, he discusses topics involving scientific concepts and sometimes those that will turn your views on gardening upside down.

If you are a casual gardener, you will surely learn a lot from this website. And if you are serious about boosting your organic gardening results, is the best website you can check out.

More Information About Phil Nauta

He grew up working in their family’s garden center. He doesn’t understand what “organic” means until he completed a Certificate in Organic Landscape Management from Gaia College in 2005. After learning the organic way of gardening, he became incredible passionate about the methods. Since then, he did all kinds of fun related things which include the following.

  • Established an organic gardening business, subsequently run by his sister
  • Became a Certified Organic Land Care Professional
  • Completed a Certificate in Sustainable Building and Design from Yestermorrow
  • Launched a business called The Organic Gardener’s Pantry, now run by his friend, Christina
  • Taught courses for Gaia College
  • Created a holistic nutrition/healthy eating website and the online gardening course, the Smiling Gardener Academy
  • Recently began selling organic fertilizers in the US
  • Wrote a book entitled Building Soils Naturally

He emphasized that his main area of expertise is in growing nutrient –dense food and organic soil and garden health management. You can learn more about Phil Nauta along with the things you can learn from his website by reading

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