Thursday, June 4, 2015

Athelite Nutrition Product Review: Nutrition And Immune Defence For Athletes

A great way to be healthy and to have more energy is to get active and exercise. Exercising regularly helps you control weight loss, improve mood, boost energy, and more. While moving your body is fun and rewarding, training or exercise as well can exhaust the body. You need to feed your body its nutritional needs in order to sustain performance.

For active people like professional athletes, there are products developed to meet your specific nutritional needs. Supplements with the purest sourced ingredients available can supply your body with proper nutrients. When it comes to supplements, one brand you can trust is Athelite Nutrition. They have collection of products to help you with your training and experts for nutrition advice, motivation and performance.

Athelite Green Tea Extract Capsules

Green tea is known to assist your metabolism, increases energy and endurance, stimulate fat burning processes, and more. One capsule of this vegan friendly and gluten free supplement is equivalent to 5 cups of green tea. A bottle contains 60 capsules, enough to supply you with the benefits of green tea for a month.

What You Should Keep In Mind When Taking GTE

  • Keep in mind to drink plenty of water if you’re taking GTE for weight loss. While you can take the pill without food, experts recommend that you take it with fish oil and quercetin if you want to optimise its effects. These two are known to increase the bioavailability of green tea.
  • Note also that the effects of green tea may vary from person to person. The body has different ways of reacting to green tea. Some may experience palpitations, anxiety, and other forms of discomfort if their bodies are not able to tolerate the substances present in green tea.
  • Lastly, pay attention to dosage. Consult your doctor before taking GTE to be safe.

Athelite Immune Defence

The key ingredients of this supplement are garlic extract, pomegranate extract, green tea extract, and zinc. Athletes can take this supplement during training and competition to support the function of the immune system.

Athelite Creatine

Athelite Creatine improves your performance. With this supplement you can train harder at a higher intensity and recover fast. It also helps improve energy supply and increase muscle gain.

The Athelite Collection

Athelite Nutrition has range of nutrition supplements that have been scientifically developed to meet the specific needs of athletes. Full product info of these supplements can be seen at Discover how these help you, how it is use, and how you can purchase them.

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