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Fabtech – Reaching Out To The Largest And World Class Steel Fabricator

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The Middles East has a reputation for world-class manufacturing industries and the best example of it is Fabtech. It is an international group of company that is dubbed as one of the largest and most technically capable steel fabricators in the Middle East. Earning numerous splendid certifications like OHSAS-18001, ISO-14001, NB, NB-R, ISO 9000, A SME-U2, and many more, it continuously offers services to different industries.

Industries that Fabtech Caters To

Fabtech divisions

1. Oil and Gas. This topnotch steel fabricator has built and refurbished more than 100 land rigs. They even manufactured land rigs up to 3000HP capacity. They also have built a large number of offshore derrick and jack up leg structures.

2. Pressure Vessels. Supported by the latest range of software, Fabtech has experiences in creating complete fabrication drawings. They also have the experience to repair pressure vessels and equipment compliant with the National Board requirements.

3. Rolling and Dished ends. With the latest state-of-the-art equipment, they are here to address client needs and even exceed their expectations. They even have the jetty facility to meet large scale export requirements.

4. Material Handling. Fabtech is capable of providing solutions for all types of material handling needs. With pipe conveyor, ship loader, stacker reclaimer, continuous ship unloader, mechanical ship unloader, SOHAR ship unloader, pneumatic ship unloader M600, and others, you are definitely on the right track by choosing Fabtech.

5. Specialized Engineering. Fabtech is also known for their specialized engineering services. Any work that involves storage tanks, skid packages, mud gas systems, pig launcher, piping structures, platforms, and ladders, stack, ducts, and other stuff that is required in process industries, Fabtech can very well handle it.

Projects that Fabtech has Been Known With

Fabtech projects

Fabtech earned its reputation through its consistency in exceeding the expectations of its clients. Some of the projects that it has been known with are Airbus A380 Mockup structure, stacker reclaimer, pig launcher, API storage tanks, single media filters, in-house gantry crane, cathode handling crane, electrical instrumentation, kangaroo cranes, 2500 HP land rig, blasting and internal coating, ship unloader M600, derrick, and 3000 HP rig.

How to Contact Fabtech

Fabtech has created its website to easily reach out to clients. You can visit the user-friendly site and check out their list of services on the site. You can also contact them through phone, fax, or email them. The site has all the necessary information to contact them. Also, although its headquarters is based in Dubai, it has strategic locations all over the world so reaching out to this world-class steel fabricator should be easy.

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