Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Mosaic Store: Australia’s Best Art And Craft Online Supplier

Arts and crafts have been one of the best activities for both kids and adults. Apart from that, arts and crafts also provide excitement while you improve your artistic skills. With this, more and more individuals look for art and craft activities to do. In Australia, creating mosaics have been very popular due to its simplicity, appeal and cost-effectivity. So, if you want to start your own mosaic, the best option is to look for The Mosaic Store.

Facts about The Mosaic Store

The Mosaic Store is owned and operated by Mardi and Eric Burns.

The Mosaic Store is an online store and do not operate a retail outlet. But, the business is located it Jindabyne, New South Wales, Australia.

The mosaic products of The Mosaic Store are sourced from all over the world and selected for their uniqueness and quality.

Products offered by The Mosaic Store

The Mosaic Store offers a wide variety of mosaic products and tools that can help you create a wonderful and appealing art.

Tiles – In order to create a wonderful mosaic, you need to have a wonderful selection of tiles to use. Luckily, The Mosaic Store offers a huge selection of tiles such as Venetian glass, Glitter glass, Marble glass tiles, Ceramic letters, Glass gems, Glass pebbles and even gold and silver rectangular beads. With all these selections, you can create a unique mosaic. Apart from different tile types, you can also choose from different sizes, from 1cm, 2cm or even 25mm.

Tools and Supplies – For you to properly create a mosaic, you need certain tools and supplies. The Mosaic Store also offers the best tools and supplies you need from Glass mosaic cutters, tweezers, pallet knives, adhesive, grouts up to frames.

Mosaic Kits – In case that you cannot think of any design for your mosaic, you can also opt for ready-to-use mosaic kits. The mosaic kits contain all the materials and a step-by-step instruction for you to create your first mosaic. However, tile cutters are not included in the kit.

The Mosaic Store’s New Website

As of now, The Mosaic Store has a new website. This venture is needed to cater to mobile users. As a result, you can find different mosaic products even at work. In addition, the new website also offers new features.
  • First, you have the option to register a customer account. Registering for a customer account can help you purchase mosaic products easily and more efficiently.
  • Next, after creating your own mosaic, you can share some photos in The Mosaic Store’s website. But, all photos must be approved first before publishing.
  • Finally, if you are fortunate to receive a gift certificate, you can contact The Mosaic Store to redeem it.
If you want to know more about The Mosaic Store, you can visit them at to help you create your own piece of art.

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