Thursday, March 5, 2015

FabTech International Group Of Companies: The Best Steel Fabrication Group In UAE

When building establishments or constructing huge items and devices, steel is commonly used due to its durability and flexibility. It is able to support the weight of an establishment or a huge item. By using steel, you can also cut down the use of other materials like concrete. So, when planning to build an establishment, it is essential to work with reputable steel fabrication group like FabTech International Group of companies.

Facts about FabTech International

•    Fabtech International Group of companies is one of the largest and most technically capable steel fabricators in the Middle East and was founded in 1994.
•    Fabtech is headquartered in Dubai and with strategic locations for operations across the globe which provides a full range of services from oil, gas, power, water and other process industries.
•    Fabtech is an ISO:9001 certified company and accredited by all major institutions.
•    Fabtech boasts in manufacturing facilities of over 330,000 m2, including 80,000 m2 of enclosed shops in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai alone.

The FabTech Group

As of now, the FabTech International Group of companies has different groups that offer services that can help individuals. Listed below are the following.

FabTech International – This group specializes in creating oil & gas, pressure vessels, rolling & dished ends, material handling, specialized engineering, construction, coating, grating, tanks and trading.

FabTech Abu Dhabi LLC – This group is founded in 2001. Fabtech Abu Dhabi prides itself in delivering the highest quality fabricated steel products to key authorities and clients. The company can produce an average of 14,000 plus tons of fabricated steel each year and is well equipped with Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) production line systems.

FabTech Building Material Trading – Fabtech Building Materials Trading LLC is located in Jebel Ali Free Zone and Al Aweer Industrial Area. The group has excellent business relationship with the leading manufacturers and major supply houses of oilfield equipment around the world.

Fabtech Contracting LLC – It is one of the leading contracting organizations specializing in engineering, construction of Civil Works facilities, Warehouses, Workshops, Schools and other building categories, which started in 2005.

FabTech Technical Services – This group suports the other Fabtech divisions and clients. This modern state-of-the art workshop is located in Dubai Investment Park and is equipped to handle any material handling projects such as Ship Loaders, Unloaders, Stacker Reclaimers and more.

FabTech Coating - FabTech Coating division is approved by all major international paint manufacturers and has all the necessary qualifications and equipment to carry out projects as per international standards.

FabTech International Canada - Fabtech International Canada Ltd (FICL) provides services to Fabtech’s North American clients with their innovative and well-established marketing offices in Calgary, registered in the province of Alberta, Canada.

Why Choose FabTech International Group of Companies?

•    Fabtech complies with its Quality System by continually improving technical capabilities, shop floor work processes, material selection and use through effective and focused training.
•    Fabtech has a full-fledged quality assurance and control department and is accredited with ASME, National Board, ISO and API requirements.
•    FabTech has a team of professionals from QA/QC that is committed to assist clients to execute projects as per the quality plans and project specifications.

In case that you wish to know more about FabTech’s services, you can visit them at to find the best steel fabrication solution that can help you.

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