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Learning More About The CPD And Short Courses You Can Take Up At SNT

Leading natural and holistic therapy course provider

Licensed massage therapists and other qualified practitioners of natural and holistic therapies have to take up further courses in or related to this field. These courses can be CPD or short ones or formal ones. It is not enough that you completed the relevant course, passed your qualifying exam, gained your licensure and be an active member of a professional regulatory body. You need to continuously update your knowledge and skills and you can do this by taking up additional courses. Completing another relevant course in holistic and natural therapy will also help you greatly in renewing your massage therapy licensure.

Where You Can Take Up CPD And Short Courses In The UK

The School Of Natural Therapies or SNT is one of the leading training providers of massage and holistic therapy courses in England. This institution offers a wide variety of courses, all of which are accredited by different highly esteemed regulatory bodies.

SNT’s class venues are also located in various areas which means that students won’t have a hard time attending their classes. At present, they have class venues located at the British School of Osteopathy, North Clapham, Portreath and Central Brighton.

trusted natural and holistic therapy course provider

 CPD And Short Courses Offered By SNT

Below are some of the most sought after CPD and short courses you can take up at SNT:

Massage in Pregnancy. Under this course, you will learn about and getting skills in various specialised massage techniques and adapted treatments which can be used in pregnancy and to help clients who find the prone position uncomfortable.  It is a one day intensive course made up of 7 hours, 4 of which are practical hands-on massage.

Massaging People with Dementia. It is a 1-day training course which will provide you the essential tools to set up a positive, relationship with a client who has dementia. Under this course, you will learn more about dementia, learn the benefits massage offers to people with dementia, learn massage techniques that suits your clients’ mindset, among others. This progamme has won the FHT award for Excellence In Practice and Innovation.

Deep Tissue – Full Body Massage.
This course was designed to enable students to learn more about deep tissue massage - a specific massage therapy that aims to address long term muscular tissues, break down adhesive build up, reduce postural dysfunction and pain. It is a 2-day course.  

reputable natural and holistic therapy course provider

Outstanding Tutors Of SNT

In addition to the innovative courses offered by SNT, this training provider also boasts of the most knowledgeable, competent and qualified tutors. They include:

• Iris Kettner
• Nicole Mitchell
• Joseph O’Dwyer
• Helen Cameron – Lee
• Suzannah Agrippa
• Alison Christoforou

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