Monday, May 18, 2015 – Among The Best Fashion And Lifestyle Blogs

Beauty and lifestyle blogs are fun to follow. With all the professional-looking pictures, bullet points, videos and infographics, you will find everything you need to know about beauty and lifestyle.

In Dubai, among the best beauty blogs is Owned by the fashion and beauty expert and shopping addict Hazel, this blog contains a lot of beauty tips and fashion ideas.

Why Visit Beauty Banker

Hazel has the best trends and products information you want to know. It would be great to follow this great beauty blogger because the site can help you find answers to questions like, where to get the best brands for eye makeup, which makeup brand is offering a discount for the season, which skincare product is more effective for sensitive skin, and more. The blog site provides not only images but also demonstration videos on how to use different products. The details of certain products are completely presented in a creative content. And if you want to pursue achieving a sought-after style, the site also gives out some discount codes so you can buy certain products at a cheaper price.

What To Check On The Site

The site has categories for fashion, fragrance, lifestyle, makeup, and skincare. To start exploring the site, just choose which category interests you the most and several posts will be displayed with the most recent on top. The top 5 most read posts are as follows:
  • Laura Mercier And Me (Spring & Summer 2015 Collection Review)
  • April Beauty Favorites 2015
  • Obey Your Body Radiance Repair Peeling Gel Review
  • Guerlain Les Tendres Spring 2015 Collection
  • Guerlain Mono Eyeshadow & Cils D’enfer Maxi Lash So Volume Mascara 2015

The Latest On Makeup Blogs

“Guerlain Les Tendres Spring 2015 Collection” is the newest article on this category.  It is a product review on The Guerlain Les Tendres collection this spring. Find out how you can achieve that rosy glow or the natural radiance using the brand’s blush and compact.

Lifestyle Articles

Find posts about lifestyle by choosing this category. On this article, “Hair Dryer For All Busy Women” check out how this product was able to help this busy woman save time on hair care.

Tips From Skin Care Beauty Blogs

The article, “Best Masks For Tired Skin” is one of the most interesting posts on this category. It talks about 2 creams that work brilliantly on tired skin. While these creams come in pricey, the site suggests these if you are looking for luxury skin care products with equal price point and importantly works.

More reviews about this beauty blog here.

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