Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Southland Pest Control Helping Manage Beverly Hills Bed Bug Control

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Beverly Hills is a legendary place to visit. The things to do and places to visit are just endless. It is really no wonder why lots of entrepreneurs decided to put up hostels, hotels, and bed and breakfasts. It is a very profitable business a place where tourists flock. A hotel business, however, is a business that demands a good reputation in order to attract customers. A hotel owner must make sure the place is comfortable and clean. Hence, Southland Pest Control made it a point that bed bugs will never have to be a part of people’s vacation.

Reaching Out to More People

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The company has expanded their area to reach out to more hotel owners and home owners. Right now, the company provides services to East Lost Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. A few years ago in 2010, Los Angeles Country experienced a bed bug infestation where tenants and homeowners reported being bitten by these blood sucking insects. The situation greatly alarmed even federal health official and reported the incident to be an outbreak. This is where pest control experts decided to take more serious actions. To date, Southland Pest Control helps manage the Beverly Hills Bed Bug control.

Early Detection, More Effective Treatment

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When the bed bug outbreak happened, health officials have been emphasizing the need to detect the infestation early. Chances are, if you are already experiencing the itch from the bed bug bites, the parasites have settled into your home, apartment, or hotel for several months now. The company, being aware of this, offers bed bug detection and treatment service. The earlier these insects are detected, the easier it is to eradicate the problem. The Southland Pest Control has trained K-9 Bed Bug inspectors that help them determine whether there is indeed a bed bug issue in your place. If the problem is present, it proceeds to discuss treatment with you.

Heat Treatment

Among the most effective Beverly Hills Bed Bug control method is the heat treatment. The company offers this kind of treatment where it involves sealing off the property and subjecting it to a non-varying dry heat to the entire building. The treatment is chemical free but it produces wonderful results as it toasts the bedbugs wherever it may be found because the heat will spread even through walls and crevices. The whole process only takes three to seven days. Southland Pest Control will accompany the clients in returning to the area along with its service dog and if said dog still detects bed bugs, the company will re-treat the area for free until it is 100% free of the infestation.

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