Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mathnasium – The Home For The Best Math Tutors In Dubai And Best Math Learning Program

Among all the subjects students have in school, Mathematics is one of the most difficult and boring since it involves numbers and equations. For some, they love this subject; however, for most, they hate it. If your child is among those math haters, know that there are teaching methods that can help your child better understand and love learning this subject. Today, there are already math learning centers that offer easy, enjoyable, and efficient ways of learning this subject. In Dubai, Mathnasium is among the most sought-after.

About Mathnasium

Mathnasium is said to be the home for top math tutors in Dubai along with the best math learning program. Mathnasium builds number sense which is a deep understanding as well as lifelong love of mathematics, whilst building confidence. Every parent must understand that your kids do not actually hate math; rather, they hate being confused and intimidated by it.

Mathnasium’s goal is to increase a child’s math skills and overall academic performance, while building confidence and forging an optimistic attitude toward math. Their method will cater for all students starting point – they indeed help those who are struggling with math by explaining the concept in a manner that will make sense to them. Apart from that, they also boost confidence with the subject of students who are most likely doing well by giving them alternative and proven techniques. Lastly, they provide a complete challenging experience to students who are clearly ahead.

They highly emphasized that they specialize in teaching kids math the way that make sense to them. They have qualified and certified team to serve you. Their teachers hold a master’s degree and have been teaching for several years, both in schools and private tuition. Most importantly, all of their teachers are trained by Mathnasium, and are certified by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority or KHDA.

The Mathnasium Method

Evaluate – Students will be provided with two-part diagnostic test. First is a written test to assess the student’s weakness with respect to grade-level material. Second is a series of oral questions – this is to assess the depth of the student’s understanding of important math concepts and skills.

Educate – They will use the results of their assessment in order to come up with a learning plan and provide curriculum materials that will cater to the unique needs of the student. Be reminded that students will receive one-on-one guidance from a reliable Mathnasium math tutor.

Validate – After 10 sessions, they will reassess your child and show you quantitative improvement results. Also, they will rely on third party proofs of progress – report cards as well as standardized assessments.

The man behind the Mathnasium Method is Larry Martenik. Learn more about him along with his method and the Mathnasium learning center at mathnasium.ae

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