Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Clean Body Health: Presenting You Solutions More Than A Workout

Health and fitness are the most common reasons individuals opt for training programmes and dietary plans. These factors are needed to properly and easily lose weight and get rid of fat. However, there are instances when these solutions are not effective due to lack of knowledge of trainers. With this said, it is important to look for trainers who can provide you with trusted and effective solutions to lose weight like Clean Body Health.

What is Clean Body Health?

Clean Body Health is founded by Obi Odigboh and Rachel Brown in 2010. Clean Body Health is a company that offers basic fitness level & incorporate nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coaching to individuals. However, these programmes are not for everyone since their program is focused on fun, community & results and the CBH team takes your safety and health seriously. Clean Body Health has workout studios at Hampstead and Dulwich. The CBH team also provides personalised programmes and guides to help you tone and strengthen your bones and muscles.

Services Clean Body Health Offers

As of now, Clean Body Health features different types of programmes that provide benefits for your body such as “Chef Prepared Healthy Meals To Go” and “FRESH, NUTRITIOUS JUICES.” Clean Body Health also offers reliable packages for you. Listed below are the following.

The CBH System – The Complete Transformation System – This is an ultimate health and fitness convenience with London’s most supportive personal training package.

Semi-Private Personal Training (S.P.T.) - This is a “tiny intimate group” in a supervised environment. Groups are limited to a MAXIMUM of 3 people meaning each client receives ample attention from the lead trainer.

Private Training – This programme features Semi Private training but in a 1:1 environment with your trainer.

Other than that, CBH also features special fitness options for you to enjoy.

•    9 Personal Training Sessions
•    11 Chef Prepared Meals...Ready After Your Sessions
•    Post Workout Shakes & Juices
•    21 Day Kick Start Report
•    Guilt Free Dessert Books & Top 6 Smoothies

Why Choose Clean Body Health

•    The company has highly experienced and knowledgeable Personal Trainers, Fat Loss Specialists and Nutritionists.
•    The company provides you with all the tools necessary to achieve the results you desire.
•    The company offers more than just a workout. They provide transformation.

In case that you want to know more about the services of the CBH team, you can visit them at Cleanbodyhealth.co.uk to transform your body properly and healthily.

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