Friday, March 20, 2015

AquaCert – Proving Your Water Systems Are Free From Legionella Bacteria

Legionnaire’s disease is fatal form of pneumonia that can affect anyone. You will become infected if you breathe in water droplets like an aerosol that contain the Legionella Bacteria. This is why people must perform Legionella testing in order to find out if their water is contaminated. You must know that there are different species of Legionella and that only few of them make people ill. When it comes to Legionella testing, consult AquaCert now.

About AquaCert

AquaCert is considered an easy and inexpensive procedure for screening water for presence of Legionella Bacteria. Their complete service will only cost you £44.50 + VAT anywhere in the United Kingdom. In case there will be a positive result, they will offer you advice as well as guidance regarding how to eliminate the bacteria along with tips on future control and monitoring.

How Their Legionella Testing Service Works

During the past 5 years, AquaCert has indeed changed the face of legionella testing in the United Kingdom. Instead of white coat chemist arriving and alarming your staff, you just fill a bottle yourself. The staff and directors of AquaCert are composed of biologists, engineers, and chemists. All analysis will be undertaken at their UKAS accredited laboratories.

  1. They will post the bottles/courier bags and courier pick up request sheets out to your nominated address.
  2. You have to fill the bottles, then complete the sheet provided. After that, you must fax to them such sheet. They will organize and pay the courier costs.
  3. Place the filled bottles and courier pick up request into the courier bag.
  4. The courier will take the samples to their laboratory for analysis.
  5. The result sheets will interpret the bacterial levels. If it is poor, they will suggest what remedial actions are required. They will send the results certificate to you.
  6. Their database will be updated with the results. Soon, you will be able to view your own analysis certificates online, using a password.
  7. They will remind you by phone or perhaps letter when the next tests are due.

Different Water Systems They Can Test

Drinking Water – Water for drinking purposes must conform to different chemical and bacteriological standards. Once it will enter into individual properties, the bacteriological quality can quickly deteriorate unless it will be stored and used in a hygienic manner.

Showers – For many buildings, showers will pose the highest legionella risk within the property due to the fact that they are very susceptible to bacterial colonization, scale formation and that they produce an aerosol.

Cold Water Storage Tanks – If your property has cold water storage tanks, it is very important for you to know which outlets are fed by them. It is very prudent for you to check the water quality every 3 or 6 months to make sure that there will be no danger to users.

Other water systems that must be tested will include Domestic Hot Water, Calorifiers & Water Heaters, and Drinks Machines. You can learn more about testing for Legionella Bacteria at

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