Friday, January 30, 2015

Certified Aqua Safe With AquaCert

There are certain drawbacks with a rapidly growing population and among these drawbacks is the fact that we are utilizing, abusing, and polluting our resources. One of the most precious resources that we use is water. Incidentally, water is also one of the most polluted resources we have. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to make unsafe water safe again for drinking, bathing, and other uses. One way to make certain that water is safe, however, is to test the same. Such is the service that AquaCert provides in order to assure homes, establishments, and even individuals that the water they are using is safe to use. 

Making The Environment Legionella-Free

One of the most common bacteria that contaminate water systems is the Legionella. It is known to cause Legionnaire's Disease and Pontiac Fever. Hence, state regulations require business establishments, educational institutions, transportation utilities, as well as residential areas to prove that their water systems are free from this type of bacteria. AquaCert is recognized in over 3000 premises in the United Kingdom Care Sector as a proof of testing. 

Affordable Cost for Safer Environment

Proving that an environment is up to state regulatory standards can be very costly but it has to be complied with under pain of sanctions. It is however the wiser option to comply with the laws than to face the penalties that may include closing down your business. AquaCert proudly announces in its site their affordable rate of £44.50, exclusive of VAT, which is really not bad considering their quality testing and wide reach of recognition. They also offer advice and guidelines in getting rid of the bacteria entirely as well as provide information on how to continuously control and monitor the same without additional charge. 

Various Areas Covered

The company's site identifies different groups of areas that they can test and under said groups are more specific areas. For reference, the company has identified the more general areas such as water systems, sports and leisure, transport, healthcare, education, accommodation, and other types of property. The more specific areas covered are all indicated on their site but clients may inquire either through email or by calling the company. The contact information is also indicated on their site. Clients may also visit them at their office if they so prefer. The company's address can also be found on their site. 

Their site is an informative one and contains easily digestible information. They also provide a summary of the process you should do if you decided to get their services, which would include the company sending the client a sterile bottle for the client to fill with the water from their systems, the client letting the company know that the samples are ready for testing, and the company collecting the samples and conducting the tests and then sending the results back to the client. 

Learn more about the company and its services in this post.

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