Saturday, March 21, 2015

Marlborough-Gulf: Featuring The Best Business Structuring Services In UAE

Building financial stability these days is very hard. Apart from making plans and decisions that can cater to your needs, you also need to look for effective financial sources that can help you. Of course, creating a business is one of the best options to gain profits. After building your own business, you need to protect your wealth to ensure that you can obtain the benefits, which can make your future better. Luckily, there are some companies that can protect your wealth and help you create a business structure to accommodate your needs such as Marlborough-Gulf.

Facts About Marlborough-Gulf

•    Marlborough Trust Company Limited was originally established in Guernsey, Channel Islands in 2003.
•    In 2012, Marlborough Gulf DMCC was registered and licensed as a FREEZONE Company under the Rules and Regulations of DMCCA.
•    Marlborough Gulf advises clients in relation to wealth protection and business structuring via the use of trusts, foundations, corporate vehicles and other legal entities.

Marlborough-Gulf’s Company Formations services

Marlborough-Gulf features numerous services that can help your protect your wealth and build business structuring. As of now, one of the company’s best services is its company formations services.

Company Formations is the term used for the process of incorporation of a business. Companies can choose a wide range of jurisdictions that can be incorporated, which can provide further flexibility when structuring private or corporate wealth. Before opting for such service, your company must have the following characteristics.

•    Incorporated by law;
•    Distinct and separate legal personality from its creator;
•    Limited liability;
•    Option to issue shares; and
•    Perpetual existence.

With this service, businesses can be used to:

•    own and operate businesses;
•    guarantee obligations;
•    buy and sell goods and services;
•    make investments;
•    hold real estate and other assets;
•    enter into contractual obligations.

Some of the features of corporate formations include Privacy, Asset Protection, Tax Efficient Structures, Free Zone Companies, Foreign Withholding Tax, Holding Real Estate Assets and Intellectual Property.

How Can Marlborough-Gulf Help You

Marlborough-Gulf is an independent, creative and proactive company that provides solutions, not problems.

The company has a team of qualified professionals supported by well-experienced and trained staff. The team also has broad collective knowledge, a diversity of skill-sets and multi-jurisdictional exposure.

Marlborough-Gulf has strong established associations with individuals and specialists in various fields such as International Tax, Private Banking, Legal, Executive Search and Business Consultancy.

In case that you want to know more about Marlborough-Gulf’s wealth protection and business structuring services, you can visit them at to ensure that you can enjoy a financially stable future.

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