Monday, January 19, 2015

REAPI – Protecting Your Professional Future

There are lots of tasks and obligations a working individual needs to accomplish at work. One needs to be careful and sees to it that all tasks must be done properly. However, due to the number of tasks that one needs to finish, there are instances when mistakes can happen. This is commonly experienced by employees such as real estate agents. With these mistakes, there are instances when clients opt for legal sanctions because of misinformation or errors. To prevent this from happening, it is best to look for insurance from reliable companies like REAPI.

What is REAPI?

REAPI, also known as Real Estate Agents Professional Indemnity, is a website that offers reliable insurance services that can help protect your professional future. By having a reliable insurance, you can safeguard your reputation and business by providing cover against such claims. Insurance services of REAPI not only cover your business, but also any principal, employee, director, partner or related entity. REAPI is powered by Eagle. They offer insurance career managing professional indemnity for over 12 years.

Why most real estate agents hire REAPI

1.    Save money – REAPI consists of reliable employees who can help you find the ideal service that you need. Thus, you can save money and protect your reputation.

2.    Best Cover – Policies are properly and efficiently created to tailor to your needs. This can help you ensure that you are prepared and ready.

3.    Save Time – REAPI will help you understand their policies. These experts can even help you regarding your claims. As a result, you can save time for other important tasks that you need to do.

4.    Expert Advice – In case of emergencies, you can easily communicate with REAPI. They ensure that you are assisted by experts in terms of professional indemnity.

What does REAPI’s insurance cover?

•    Two Automatic Reinstatements   

•    Individual Contractors covered automatically   

•    Bodily Injury/Property Damage automatically covered   

•    Employment Practices Liability $500 000   

•    Low Costs Exclusive Excess of $5 000   

•    Business Broking automatically covered
•    Franchisors Indemnity covered   

•    General Insurance Distribution   

•    Automatic Cover where acting as Referral Service   

•    “Off the Plan” Sales included

Ways to get a quote

You can easily get a quote from REAPI with these two easy steps.

1.    Visit and complete a single form. Then, experts in REAPI will get back to you with a speedy quote.
2.    Or, you can call them at 1800 132 453. Experts will be waiting for you to provide you with a quote over the phone.

With the help of REAPI, you are sure that your job and reputation are safe and secured.

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