Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fabtech International Group of Companies: The Company Any Man Of Steel Would Be Proud Of


Around 21 years ago, one of today's leading steel fabricators in the Middle East came into existence through the efforts of Dr. Harry Moraes. They are otherwise known today as Fabtech International Group of Companies. It has existed to date as a company that has a sterling reputation of doing better than their client's demands. Their innovative ways paved the way for their dynamic growth and has become successfully well-known in the Middle East not only for manufacturing but also being the home of excellent products. 

Accessible Locations

They have established accessible locations around the world but their headquarters is in Dubai. Their prime locations allow them to provide a variety of services to industries producing water, oil, power, and gas as well as other process industries. A look through their site indicates how well-organized they are with special divisions including specialized engineering, oil and gas, construction, pressure vessels, coating, rolling and dished ends, tanks and trading, material handling, and grading, all meant to serve Fabtech International Group of Companies' clients excellently. 

Excellence and Integrity

This is a company that has built integrity and all their certifications are proof of such. It is a proud holder of an ISO 9001 certificate as well as accreditations from all prime institutions. They have under their employ experts who unendingly gear their efforts towards improving the value proposition to the company's clients as well as to give justice to the company's vision of consistent reinvestment in order to be able to furnish sophisticated facilities in their services. Their successes toward this vision include its manufacturing facilities in Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai having more than 330,000 m2, which includes 80,000 m2 of enclosed shops.

Guarantee of Quality

Their continuous strive for improvement and excellence inspires them to have their own standard of quality. They hold quality to mean superiority in design, material fitness, compliance with manufacturing standards, having efficient workplace, ensuring safety and sanitation at all times, promptness, and having an effective business process that exceed the clients' trust and expectations. 

Fabtech also ensures that they are complying with its Quality System through continuously developing its technical capacities, shop floor work processes, material choice and use through their efficient and intensive training. They also make sure that they listen not only to what their clients have to tell them but also those suggestions and feedbacks coming from their suppliers and employees in order to increase workplace productivity as well as quality. 

To find out about the services as well as accreditations of this company, read this post.

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