Sunday, January 18, 2015

KC Landscaping CT: Creating The Best Residential And Commercial Landscapes

Landscapes add value to the property. It also helps make establishments more appealing. This is why, more and more property owners create their own landscapes.

Creating your own landscape is really exciting. You can choose from different types of trees, plants and even designs that can complement your needs. However, this excitement may turn into a nightmare since you need to maintain the property constantly.

First of all, you need to make sure that the lawn is properly trimmed. Watering and fertilizing plants must also be accomplished. You also need to clean the lawn. With all these stressful tasks, it is best to look for experts like KC Landscaping CT.

About KC Landscaping CT

KC Landscaping CT is a Guarantee lawn care. They provide satisfaction guaranteed lawn care services. The company also has a 100% legal work force. Thus, every call is answered by competent representatives. The company also has well-trained employees who can provide you with satisfaction guaranteed services. To ensure that employees can cater to your needs, the company retrains every new hire to meet their standards.

Services of KC Landscaping CT

As of now, KC Landscaping CT offers effective and reliable residential and commercial lawn care services. Listed below are the following.

Residential lawn care services


Softscapes are the grass, shrubs, trees, and flowers that surround your property. Experts can help you choose the right plant to grow in your property. Experts carefully choose these plants depending on the moisture, shade, soil type, and land grade in your property.


The company can also help you create hardscapes like walkways, patios, trellises, and pavers. Just like softscapes, experts help you choose the ideal hardscape that can cater to your property needs. These hardscapes can also enhance the beauty of your softscapes.

Other than that, the company also offers services such as:
  • Retaining walls
  • Interlocking brick and pavers
  • Decorative stone
  • Walks, patios, and driveways
  • Sodding, seeding, and mulch
  • Trees, shrubs, and ground cover
The company also offers maintenance services like:

1.    Tree removal

2.    Hedge trimming

3.    Lawn mowing

4.    Spring and fall cleanups

Commercial lawn services

Other than private properties, the company also offers lawn services for your commercial property. Some of the services they offer are:
  • Sodding, seeding, and mulch
  • Shrub and tree trimming
  • Restorative services
  • Tree and shrub plantings
  • Ground cover mulch
  • Snow removal
Why choose KC Landscaping CT
  • Established Reputation: references from your neighborhood (request)
  • Licensed & Insured: well-trained technicians with years of experience
  • Quality Equipment: mower + edge blades maintained regularly
  • Convenience: monthly bills sent with a return envelope
  • Lowest Rates: of any professional landscaper in your area
  • Dependable: reliable scheduling (weather permitting)
  • No cutting on weekends (weather permitting)

In case that you want to know more about KC Landscaping CT, you can visit them at to make your properties better and more beautiful.

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