Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Impressidesk: Helping Businesses Make Outstanding Impressions

Technology has helped a lot in improving the quality of doing business. Transactions have been faster, smoother, and easier with the help of technology. It has also created virtual venues where people from different part of the worlds can conduct seminars, meetings, and trainings without having to fly all the way from where they are and personally meet up. It has indeed made impressive improvements especially in the area of communication such that businesses can now rely on virtual assistants and receptionists to help them in running their businesses more smoothly. 

Making Great First Impressions

One of the best way to connect with a client and establish a client base is by making an excellent first impression because that first impression will, more often than not, really last. Impressidesk has made it a point to make that great first impression. Even their site makes that that impressive impact, assuring that they will deal with your clients professionally, much like an actual receptionist, only that you will not have to provide them with an office space. The company provides highly trained and skillful virtual receptionists so you can be assured that all your calls are managed effectively. 

Cost-Cutting Measures and Other Benefits

Impressidesk has made sure you know how much you are actually saving and how efficient your business can run by hiring virtual receptionists with their to-the-point presentation on their site. They offer graphic presentation, indicating how much you can actually save by not hiring in-house receptionists and taking virtual receptionists. According to their presentation, you save more, you stress less, and you manage more effectively. 

Package That Fits The Budget 


Working on a budget is not a problem with Impressidesk. In fact, they offer packages that can work with the budget you have, effectively helping you save more. They have three packages they currently offer, namely, the Starter Package, the Basic Package, and the Plus Package. The Starter Package is the most affordable one at Dhs. 1499 per month with 100 receptionist minutes. The Basic Package is at Dhs. 2599 per month with 200 receptionist minutes while the Plus Package is at Dhs. 4999 per month with 500 receptionist minutes. All three packages come with unlimited talk time, free voicemail and email notifications, and access to generated call reports. 

They also offer a 30-day free trial that one can access and register in through their website. There are also customer feedbacks on their site to help potential clients decide whether their services are worth considering.

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