Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Look At Perth Commercial Property

Commercial real estate is actually one of the most recommended type of investment you can venture in. However, to be able to find success in this type of investment, you need the help of a reliable commercial property manager; someone who can skilfully deal with the headaches associated with managing tenants. This is the purpose of PCP; to make your commercial property investment hassle-free.

About Perth Commercial Property

Perth Commercial Property or PCP is a full-service, boutique commercial real estate agency founded by Marc Valentine and Anna Lynch. The agency aims to provide honest, transparent and reliable service and advice to their clients in a personal and approachable way. The founders say that the agency exists for only one reason, and that is to be the most trusted and recommended commercial real estate company in Perth.

Being commercial property specialists, they only cater to commercial real estate matters. The team is composed of professional, friendly and approachable people. They are also honest, transparent, and always providing reliable service and advice.

The Services They Offer

Leasing Services – these services are designed to help commercial property owners find, filter, negotiate and secure new tenants for their property in just a short time. This leasing service is intended for people who have an investment in a commercial property, want to rent their property fast with the best rent possible, and want honest, transparent and reliable service and advice.

Commercial Real Estate Sales Service – this is for people who are looking to sell their property at the best price possible, want to find a buyer immediately with little fuss, and want the honest, transparent and reliable service and advice coming from a friendly professional team.

Commercial Property Management Service – with this service, you will have peace of mind because the company specializes in making commercial property investments hassle-free. This service is for people who rent their commercial property to tenants but don’t have enough time, want an experienced property manager to collect rent on time and take care of every day concerns, have issues with their current property manager and want to change to a better service.

Why Choose Perth Commercial Property

- They have access to the same tools that bigger companies have so they can provide better service.
- They are extremely good at what they do.
- They provide a “lifetime service” to all their clients. Their service does not end after your property is sold or leased.
- They have unmatched personal approach to service.
- They respond promptly to client inquiries and you are always informed of what is going on with your property.
- They are personal and approachable team of real people.
- They are commercial real estate specialists working only on commercial property.

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