Thursday, November 27, 2014

Website Review: Build On Bookkeeping (BoB)

When it comes to the construction industry, there are many services that must be invested in to ensure the success of a certain project. Today, there is already an increase in the demand of various services in all areas of the Building and Construction Industry that include Engineering, Architects, the trades, and Project Management. When it comes to providing these services, Build on Bookkeeping is among the trusted service providers.

About Build on Bookkeeping (BoB)

In March 2008, Build on Bookkeeping was created by Carly Chant and Jess Johnson. It was created when Carly and Jess recognized the need to save the Building and Construction industry from their increasing loads of paperwork. The company aimed to afford the industry with more time on their projects and less time on their desk.

The BoB team soon have realized that the market gap has extended beyond one industry and that the real need was for their unique qualifications and skills which are providing professional bookkeeping at an unrivalled standard so that companies of all sized will get the most out of their books. BoB has consistently supported all the aspects of the financial health and internal processes of their clients by working with accountants in a complimentary capacity.

Nowadays, BoB assists a wide variety of clients, from subsidiaries of international firms to retail operations, to different professional service providers, food franchisers to tech firms.

Services They Offer

Bookkeeping – If you are among the business owners struggling to stay completely across all areas of your paperwork and bookkeeping, BoB can certainly help you out. The company recognizes that running a business is not simple; however, they might have the perfect solution that can assist you in managing your systems while complying with the ongoing list of regulatory checkpoints.

Payroll – They are capable of completing any aspect of payroll for you and your employees.

Compliance – As a team of registered BAS agents, their bookkeepers are all fully qualified to lodge BAS and IAS as well as record and monitor any workers compensation on behalf of your venture – this will leave you with less paperwork nightmares as well as legislative confusion.

Training – BoB highly emphasized that training and up skilling other bookkeepers is among the best indications that they are indeed a legitimate industry leading company. They offer software training, bookkeeping training, and monthly or quarterly reviews.

Why Choose Them?

  • Industry Leaders – They are committed to lifting the professionalism of the bookkeeping industry. They strive to become the most preferred professional bookkeeping firm in Australia.
  • Excellence – Every task they take is completed to the best of their ability by using their expert knowledge and experience. They stay on a path of constant and continuous self-improvement and innovation.
  • Integrity – They adhere to high moral principles and professional standards. They highly emphasized that they always speak of the truth.
  • Reliable – They can be trusted to do what has been promised. They meet all deadlines that they commit to. Most importantly, they develop and follow rigorous procedures in order to ensure consistency and quality.
Indeed, BoB has lots of qualities to boasts of. You can learn more about them along with the products and services they offer at

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