Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Planet Naturopath: Promoting Natural Health

If there is one thing that everybody is concerned about, that would certainly be their health.  These days, being fit and healthy is a battle that people aim to conquer every single day of their lives. Some are lucky enough to have found the perfect solution to their health woes; however, this is not the case for other folks as their problem has something to do with their genetic build up. Good thing, there are people and health institutions that are very much willing to help such as Planet Naturopath.

Getting to Know the Man Behind Planet Naturopath
Michael Smith N.D. BHSC (Naturopathy) is just like everybody else. He too had experienced endangering his health because of his unhealthy lifestyle. Before putting up Planet Naturopath, he was a Chef and his profession required him to work for long hours. For him to cope, he relied too much on caffeine – drinking more than the allowed number of cups each day. At the same time, he did not pay enough attention to his health - often eating improper and unhealthy foods.

To make it worse, he was likewise suffering from MTHFR 677 and 1298, MTR, MTRR and also CBS snps. These are genetic conditions that affect one’s methylation pathway. When our methylation pathway is dysfunctional, our ability to get by with stress, detoxify, as well as sustain our energy weakens. As a result, we easily become sick and we always feel tired or drained.

Naturopathy is what helped him get back and even become healthier than before. Additionally, he studied about genetic testing to find out why some people face medical conditions such as depression, chronic fatigue and illness, and learning difficulties.

Benefits Of Naturopathy and Genetic Testing

As Mr. Smith says, every one of us has our own unique genetic composition and because of this, our condition differs from one another. With naturopathy and genetic testing, one can have a better understanding of how their body works and how their genetic snps may affect their health state. Having an idea will help us address our medical ailments properly and efficiently.

However, one should not take these health remedies as magic potions wherein just a single session and everything will already be healed. One must still do the basics such as eating right and exercising. The good news is that each person can now individualize their lifestyle and diet with the help of genetics so that they can suit their needs.

For those who are interested and want to know more, you can contact Mr. Smith at or better yet, visit their website -

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