Friday, November 28, 2014

WhiteboardStories.Com -- Your Partner In Creating Videos And Animations For A More Successful Marketing

This past few years, videos have been used as more effective and engaging method of promoting businesses, brands, products, and even services. You will see that many businesses, both start-ups and established ones, are using the power of whiteboard videos through various platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion, and also Instagram to market their products and services. 

What makes whiteboard videos so effective?
Creativity and Cost-efficiency. These are the two main reasons why whiteboard animations are very effective means of promoting any kind of business.

People like to see how the images are created while someone is talking about it. They are usually fascinated by the artistry with a very relatable appeal. They don't need to think hard and imagine what's being said since the images are already drawn for them. All they need to do is decide whether to buy or not. In fact, statistics show that about 90 percent of audience find it very helpful to decide when there's a video about a product. And according to surveys, almost 65 percent of consumers are more likely to make purchases online if there's a video.

Why Choose Whiteboard Stories?

If you are planning to hire someone to create a video for your business, make sure the animation company you are considering offers custom animation for their clients. Custom animated videos have delivered better conversions by as much as 20 percent than those typical video ads.
Of course, don't forget to check their portfolio, pricing, and process. As effective as they are in promoting your brand, videos can also be disastrous for your business if they are poorly-crafted.

A Look At The Website

At WhiteboardStories.Com, you will find various videos and animations they have created for their clients from different aspects of the industry not only in the world of business but also for community events, campaigns, and causes.

By going to their Portfolio page, you will also notice how each videos are customised according to their client's requirements. All you need to do is request a free quote by filling out the form. In an hour or two, you will be talking to one of their video specialists who will ensure that you get the perfect end product by asking you the right questions.

Professional Service

Each concept they come up with is based on your objective. Whiteboard Stories has professional scriptwriters and you can review the script they have developed or make suggestions if you're not satisfied.

What's best about them is that they keep their clients involved during the whole animation process. Before you get the final product, they see to it that every detail of the video is according to your approval.

Whiteboard Stories is solely an online business for which they are able to offer services at relatively lower costs than their competitors. For more info, check them out at

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