Thursday, October 2, 2014

ValidSafe Website Review – How They Help Business Earn Customer Trust

Earning website trust seals which you can put in your site can help you gain potential client’s trust. With a third party vendor scrutinizing the information you have provided about your site, you can get a proof which you can show customers that your business is legitimate.

How ValidSafe Conduct Verification Process

1.    From your application form, they will verify the account holder information like the address and phone number.
2.    Email address is verified by sending a unique code to it.
3.    To prove that your mailing address is genuine, they will be sending a certified mail to it.
4.    They will be calling the phone number you have given to confirm that you own the website.
5.    Once it has been verified and receipts have been processed, they will issue your Trust Seal.
6.    When your visitor clicks on this trust seal which appears in your site, they would be able to see your verified email and mailing address as well as business phone number.

Online shopping is popular these days but it still presents a lot of risk to both buyer and provider. One way to eliminate the fear of customers from buying from your site is to improve it with website verification process. ValidSafe provides trust seals globally. Customers are aware that sites bearing this seals are trustworthy.

Kind of Trust Seals That Validsafe Provides
They offer business site trust seal, security seal, and privacy seal. They also have a complete site seal package and you can get a free IVS207 certified site seal. Check reviews on ValidSafe Trust Seals here.

Comparison Page
There are several providers of site trust seals and this page will give you an idea which service can give you the best advantage. ValidSafe has the most complete feature and a better value so far. With a yearly price ranging from $157 to $297, you will get a strict verification process, customizable seal with domain name, multiple color and styles, simple order and setup process, 1 business day setup and a 30 day guarantee.

The Trust Seals FAQ Page
ValidSafe has this page where you can learn more about what trust seals are. If you own multiple websites, find out if you can use one seal for all your sites. It is also mentioned here that the company provide money-back guarantee. Invest on trust seals to improve your conversion rate.

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