Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Look At The Website Of Kelly Lundberg

renowned personal stylist
The Rachel Zoe Project. Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style. What Not To Wear. These are just a handful of great reality TV series that delve into the wonderful world of fashion and personal styling.

And although you may not be a fan of these shows, it’s not hard to dream of having a great career in the fashion and styling industry. Aside from the fact that these careers can be quite lucrative and can really pay off, if you’re really into looking more fashionable and stylish, you can get the best of both worlds when you start working as personal or fashion stylist.

If you have a natural eye for fashion and style, you can get help with starting a career and making it big in these fields with the help of Kelly Lundberg.

Kelly Lundberg

Kelly Lundberg is a well-known, multi-awarded and nominated fashion styling guru, consultant, entrepreneur, MC motivational speaker and author. She founded her own style empire and is considered by many as a fabulous “fashion maven”.

She is also a well-known public speaker. Kelly also offers personal mentoring sessions to new stylists who are interested to carve their own niche in the fashion and styling industry.
As an author, she has written “Success in the City” and “How To Be A Personal Stylist”, both of which have been published and have gained numerous acclaims.

Kelly’s Style Academy 2.0

Kelly offers online and intensive courses (to be taken in Dubai) that can help individuals learn more about the ins and outs of the personal styling business. These courses would really be helpful for people who want to turn their hobbies of personal styling and their interest in fashion into something more productive or lucrative.

Kelly’s Style Me Divine Agency 
In 2005, Kelly founded Style Me Divine, a personal styling and shopping agency. Through this agency, Kelly offers personal shopping and bespoke styling advice to all her clients. She continues being a style mentor to clients coming from different walks of life since this is simply her passion.

Kelly’s Website

Through this website,, you will get to know more about Kelly and appreciate her talents and great works. This site is also quite a find for individuals looking to start a career in personal styling and for people who want to have a change in their sense of style and fashion.

The website is very easy to navigate. You can easily find any information you are looking for in this site. It also boasts of great graphics and interesting images that will certainly pull you in or be more interested in the world of personal styling.

All in all, whether you want to have a fashion and style makeover or you wish to get into the business of personal styling, Kelly’s website should be your first stop.

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