Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How To Ensure Workplace Safety - A Review On HSS Website

Creating a safety workplace is one of the most important responsibilities of any organization. In any type of work environment, there are always hazards involved. Anytime, accidents may happen but knowing how to prevent it and how to deal with it when it happens will reduce casualties, save more lives and avoid further damage.

One way to prepare your business is to ensure that every employee knows the first aid basics. You can either make it a requirement prior to hiring them or a better option is to let them undergo health and safety training courses. In Dubai, HSS are among the highly qualified health and safety trainers and consultants. Going through their website, let’s see how their services can help your organization.

Some HSS Services and Training Courses

Risk Assessment Service – Being informed with the possible safety risks in your business is the first step in creating a safety workplace. HSS Health & Safety Solutions can either do the risk assessment for you or they can support you by providing forms and training staff. A health and safety policy and a health and safety manual may also be required.

Management System Service – HSS can provide you an effective Health and Safety Management System. Note that the purpose of the system is to prevent injury, death or ill health to your workforce. By identifying and minimizing hazards, reducing incidents, reducing risks of legal action and providing due diligence, you can create a safe and secure well-managed work environment.

Fire Safety Course – HSS has about 5 training courses on fire safety. Know the basic principles for avoiding fires and how to handle fire issues effectively with the following:  The Essentials to Fire Safety at Work program or The General Fire Safety Awareness course. There is also a Fire Warden course should you wish to train individuals and assign this specific task in your organization
Oil & Gas / Construction Course – HSS offers 6 courses for this category. The Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety is an 8-hour course providing students the skills needed in case of H2S poisoning. The Manual Handling training perhaps is one of the best training you can give your employees. The principle of safe Manual Handling practices is taught here.

HSS Training Clients

Knowing some of their clients may help you decide why you should choose HSS. On the website, these organizations or businesses were mentioned - RAK Bank, Flydubai and CAE Emirates Aviation College, ABS Consulting, World Security, Rolls Royce (Saudi Arabia). They have also clients in numerous hotel and restaurants, several processing companies, various early learning centres, health clubs, testing laboratories, companies within the marine industry, construction companies, and other facilities management businesses.  You can also check the website for client testimonials.

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