Thursday, October 9, 2014

Martelletti Contracting Pty Ltd – The Best Earthmoving Company In Perth

With plenty of companies wanting to expand their ventures and build new structures, the demand for construction firms are increasing. And if you are among the business owners wanting to construct new building for your venture, it is a must that you choose only the best. And in case your business is in Perth, Martelletti Contracting Pty Ltd is among the companies that can help you out.


What You Must Know About Martelletti Contracting

It is Adam Martelletti who created Martelletti Contracting Pty Ltd in 2009. This is an earthmoving company based on his 10 years of experience within the industry.
Earthmoving is certainly a competitive industry; however, Martelletti Contracting wasted no time in proving its success in both metropolitan and rural areas of Perth. With just a short time, the company grew with more contractors, employees, and machinery.
Because they cared about doing a job well, the company grew fast. It was indeed through the dedication through every job that led Martelletti Contracting to be among the fastest growing firms within this field.

They are currently one of the contractors who work with the Australian Federal Government to roll out the National Broadband Network. However, this will not mean that they are very busy for you. They work with landscape gardeners, and homeowners, both civil and private. Indeed, no matter who you really are, they love to speak to you regarding how you can easily move the earth for you.

Services They Offer

Earthmoving – The clients they serve include commercial, residential, and building & civil companies. Some of the earthmoving fleet at Martelletti Contracting will consist of front end loaders, excavators, bobcats, rollers, and compactor.
Residential Dwellings – Services under this category will include shed removal, clean site, full or partial demolition, asbestos removal, and leveled.
Swimming Pools – They can remove your unwanted swimming pool fiberglass and concrete. Some of the services in this category will include full removal & back filled, partially removed and back filled, and compacted.
Tree Services – Some of the services in this category will include tree looping, land cleaning, mulching, stump removal, and stump grinding.

Some FAQs

Who will do the work? – They have trained and ticketed staff members as well as contractors in order to complete your project.
Are you insured? – Martelletti Contracting have 10 million dollar public liability service and full workers compensation for their employees.
Do you offer a 24 hour service? – Martelletti Contracting offers 24 hours 7 days a week. Surcharges apply for the after hour work and emergency call outs.
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  1. My parents did some serious remodeling in our backyard and needed to have some earth moving contractors come in and push around some dirt. It was a long process, but would have taken longer with out the tools that these contractors used to move the dirt around with. It was cool to watch and made me appreciate modern technology that makes this stuff possible.