Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Techniline Electronics – An Established Retailer And Distributor Of Prominent Brands Of Musical Instruments
Playing a musical instrument has many benefits aside from providing fun and excitement. It makes you feel wonderful when you hear your favourite music and it even feels great when you are the one being applauded for playing a great music. You can make music by playing your own choice of musical instrument. When it comes to musical instruments, there are many options to choose from. 

Investing on the musical instrument you are interested in is vital in honing your skills. But you also need to keep in mind that musical instruments are pricey investments. So if you want to save on your expenses, you need to look for great deals where you will pay less on the instrument. One of the ways in finding a great deal is by searching online. You can easily find online shops that offer musical instruments made by recognized brands at discounted prices.

About Techniline


Techniline Electronics L.L.C is an established retailer and distributor of musical instruments, audio equipment, stage lighting equipment, DJ equipment, and accessories. The brand started operations in 1994 and currently has three outlets that are primarily catering to the wholesale market in Dubai. With its two decades of operation, Techniline has acquired a solid network of wholesalers, channel partners, and export partnerships across the UAE, creating a retail and distribution portfolio of globally recognized brands coming from the United States, Germany, Italy, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Korea. 

Techniline has also tied up with third party contractors, audio rental concerns, and installation specialists making its products appear repeatedly in some of the most challenging sound projects all over the UAE.

Other Services


  • Customized audio systems for clients 
  •  Fabrication of audio systems for various uses
  • Provide expert audio solutions  for announcements, background music and conferencing for educational institutions and commercial setups

Through the efforts of the sound engineers, the company has been able to provide customized solutions in broad range of settings, specifications and budgets. As an established retail store for fine musical instruments and pro audio equipment, Techniline boasts the largest showroom in Dubai, offering a huge variety of products from Behringer, Ahuja, Wharfedale, STK Washburn, ESP, LTD, Laney, Alesis and Mapex.

Techniline’s Promise


As a company that aims to deliver quality and affordable products, Techniline has remained at the forefront of the market, supported by a big number of loyal customers. As such, the company pledges:
  •  A guarantee of the latest technology 
  •  A commitment to quality 
  •  An adherence to fair price

Visit the company’s website at to know more about their product offerings and services.

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